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He's the four-time Grammy winning superstar famous for turning number one hits into musical comedy genius, we're talking about none other than Weird Al Markovic. He has four gold records six platinum records here in the US and his newest album debuted at number one with popular parodies like candy from Iggy azalea's, fancy tacky, a twist on happy first ever Wow. Guest editor as well as weird somebody adjectives floating around. How does this even come about that you got to be a cover boy. Well, I've been obsessed with Mad Magazine since I was a small child, and I've gotten to know the people over Mad Magazine. And several months ago, John for Kara.

The editor over dinner, he made me the very nice offer that if I ever wanted to do a, but to guess to edit. The magazine they would be up for that, and I said, yes, absolutely. What does that mean? What are you doing? No, you know, I got a lot of my friends to contribute to the issue.

Patton, Oswald, Tom, Lennon, Kristen, School, you know, Phillips. John, John, Hoffman I, wrote a piece, a six-page piece called pages from Weird Al's notebook. That would be fun. Yeah, which basically all the songs that were too horrible for me to record. But apparently they were good enough for Mad Magazine, yeah. And they completely do have your way it's a very weird, all' centric issue.

Yes, you found that it wasn't really tough because pretty much everybody over there was as odd as you are pretty much I. Think everybody in comedy today was inspired by Mad in some. Sense, a, you know, I certainly was weaned on Mad Magazine and their sensibility I think infused the entire comedy community. A lot of people know you because of your music, and they've gone to your concert.

So if Kath and I were to go to a odd hour concert, what is that like is it all music is its comedy? What are you doing is a comedy music show it's a high-energy rock'n'roll show with the same band that I've had since the very first album. Thank you.

But there's. A lot of costume changes film clips. Ginger hair would you like me to I love your hair because it is so you weak on stage, but you all you do yeah, that's. What I meant, so you changed, so I wear the Kurt Cobain wig.

You know, I get the Amish outfits laughing and enjoying everything and seeing the satire. But without being mean-spirited I think I like to put people the ribbons instead of kicking in them in the butt. Yeah, you check with the artist to you. You have conversations with them and say, hey, what do you think I'm thinking about parrot. In your song, yeah, I mean, I don't, necessarily have to legally, but you know, that's, one of the reasons I think I've been able to hang around as long as I have is I.

Don't burn bridges, I don't, make sure they're, you know, in the joke has anyone ever said, no, everybody asks that the only person that's really consistently said, no, it's been Prince and I haven't really approached him in a couple of decades. So maybe he's acquired a sense of humor by now I don't know, well you talk about the decades when the last. Didn't, you win a Grammy lasted. Okay. This year. Yeah, for next one. What you win?

Four, four, four mandatory fun. My last element, okay. And you work that's, how many decades in a row that you have won a Grammy is that was my first one is in the 80s. So doing the math, possibly four, yes, we're going to list some songs, and you're going to tell us your parody. Okay, if that's all right from the magazine? Okay, Leeds I have to say, these are not songs I would ever really record if she would have leave they're like bad. Bad, I.

Would do anything for love? Well, I would do anything for lunch. Because if you just substitute lunch for love it's automatically fun, Bob Marley, I shot, the sheriff, what did I say, I-I've, I want sans-serif it's all about fonts about people that are obsessed with the fonts. Lastly, James Taylor. You've got a friend.

You've got two pens. I am the mandatory tour all the dates run where it'll calm right. Great to see you sweetie. The new issue of Mad Magazine is on newsstands right now and go to Cal G and Honor. Calm to check out some Weird, Al's, the bravest parents so worth it.

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