Virgo March Horoscope Subtitled - Дева гороскоп на март с субтитрами - 處女座三月星座副標題

Hello Virgo, this is your horoscope your prognosis for the month of March 2022. Whether you are a Virgo man, Virgo woman, then horoscope prognosis for good well that in the month of March 2022. Well, the first message there is a Libra person with a Taurus person who in some way betrays you or in a tradition, linked to a Taurus pound person. And you find out you find out Virgo of this tradition. And you Virgo cut with this person, you cut the link with this person.

Well, next message, the card of the horse of. Coins us It talks about responsibilities, It also tells us about good management of responsibilities. And it also talks about going to visit the doctor, whether it is your responsibility, Virgo, whether it is going to visit the doctor, You are going to give up continuing with your responsibilities for an unfavorable economic situation, or if you were thinking of going to the doctor, you are going to give up going to the doctor because you do not have money or because of an economic issue, Stagnation. Is favorable or because you are doing poorly at work if it may even be a surgery as in some people of the Virgo sign, it may be that there is surgery. But there is an unfavorable economic situation and being able to desist from performing that surgery, or that some other type of obligation that you end up as if you did not fulfill that obligation due to an unfavorable economic issue, well and continue. They continue on the same wavelength.

Look at the justice, the lack of seriousness, the. Divorce is as if in your work, they do not act correctly. You Virgo, you leave the job you leave to the other side, the letter of the stork emigrated, the clear objectives and look if in your work, you are not paid what is correct? What corresponds, or you are not treated justice as it corresponds. You quit your job.

You go to another side. Well 1 the stork, seven of clubs knight of spades. The inverted world here tells us about problems in your home instability in your home. Look at stagnation issues.

These. Problems, eras may be due to a pregnancy, There may be a pregnancy in your home, and that generates issues, discussions, But it may also be that in your home there are changes and important changes. And that is what generates issues, stagnation in terms of ties, in particular, You can have issues with a person of the sign Capricorn or Aquarius also for the Virgo who are in a couple and well they are two readers.

The card of reversed lovers tells us about complicated relationships. And also of. Tradition for the Virgo who are in pore as a couple tradition, appears infidelity appears a very, very complicated relationship with a couple. The 2 of Wand inverted lack of progress, the card of the inverted clover, sadness anxiety, and they can also be complicated relationships.

But not only in the love aspect. But also in the labor aspect in the labor aspect conflicts, In, the workplace, well, some people of the Virgo sign have a lot of anxiety because e, because they embark on a love affair. These are. So many for boroughs for single Virgo or Virgo in couples, whether man or woman, the anxiety, the adventure sex without love, the lust, then it is very affected that Virgo has some kind of adventure obviously with someone. And this generates a sexual adventure for them.

And this generates quite a lot of anxiety because it's like they're taking risks. No, yes, yes, Virgo whether it's a man or a woman. They have some kind of procedure or problem in the legal field. And it's like they're delayed. Look at the. Lack of seriousness, or not fulfilling commitments, the obstacle in terms of communication, or in terms of justice, mediating oneself Virgo in March is processing something in justice in the judicial field. It is as if this delays, some people of the zodiac sign Virgo are going to be communicating to their partner that they are going to get divorced, that is, They do not want to be with their partner anymore.

Communication, divorce. Here is a tradition. There is a tradition there is infidelity whether. You Virgo are with another person or your partner is with another person.

There is a divorce. There is a separation you back in the same direction. Look at the betrayal seeing with reality, I say, you are seeing clearly that what they are betraying. But well, they are afraid.

They are afraid of severing the bond. They are afraid of separating or divorcing, good care for Virgo women. And because they are pregnant, they are telling you to go to the doctor to check yourself.

It is your pregnancy. Do not give up. Going to the doctor and what and that you follow the instructions that the doctor gives you because if not this pregnancy, the card of the scythe, the stork, the inverted Robert, clover can be interrupted, that is, your pregnancy can be interrupted. If you do not go to the doctor, or if it is that you do not follow the doctor's instructions worth the redundancy. He indicates well next message. Well, this one, especially for Virgo man, Virgo man, coo given to being stubborn in terms of your work in. Terms of your obligations.

Why look you can have confrontation you can have discord for having risked something or for taking risks or be careful with this of being too stubborn, because not only being too stubborn YYY and assuming risks because not only can you have fights or conflicts in your work context. But you can also impoverish yourself, that is, It can harm. You financially, if you are not stubborn, another thing that can harm you, whether you are a Virgo man or a woman, that can impoverish.

You financially are the look that speaks to us of advancing in the excesses. And this of exceeding this of being exaggerated this of acting with exaggeration leads to stagnation leads to stagnation, economic stagnation and acting, for example, in a very exaggerated way, for example, If exaggeratedly spending money, if that's it spending money excessively pay attention to that well, and also what leads you to Stagnation, whether you are a man or a woman, Virgo, stagnation and the obstacle is Virgo, Whether you let yourself be carried away by lust or by lust, especially with a person of the Libra sign, then Virgo, if you let yourself be carried away by lust, it leads you to stagnation. Obstacle, stagnation, the obstacle. If you let yourself be carried away by lust leads to stagnation, especially if you are involved with a person of the zodiac sign the letter to justice, the letter to justice also tells us about cause and effect. Well, that's all for consultation personal email very. Simple tarot My name is Jorge Luis Duarte.

We are seeing each other.

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