Transcend Storejet 2TB USB 3 0 Hard Drive External - Time Machine Setup

Hello guys today, I'm going to show you the unboxing video of this transcend, portable, heart, right? This is USB 3 RF. And it comes with an external. You know, cover or external.

You know, casing that protects it from drops or any other, you know, false. So let me unbox this and show you how this Hardware books. And the features of the server I have recently bought a one terabyte version of this hard drive and I have made a video of that. Also, you may check the link to this video to see the unboxing of that. As well in this video, it is the 2 terabyte version. And if the color is slightly different it's its in this violet, purple color, as you put like same thing here, US military, standard, triple production, drop protection.

And it has been recommended bye photo sin magazine, I think it might be some online web mag. This come with a three year. Limited warranty has a yes encryption. If you enable that one click one touch button backup if you enable that and is shockproof drop tested to meet the military. Standards sides of the orders like that.

Okay, nothing much here. Let's cut this out and see what's here. Okay.

Now, I bought this hard drive, because of the USB 3 feature. Now, it's a very good hard drive in terms of file, transfer I've, checked. And many people recommended me that this hacker is very good.

So I'm doing the unboxing here today for you guys. Okay. So here is the hard drive it's like.

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