Top 5 BEST Follower Console Mods - Skyrim Special Edition

Jay ram has loads of awesome followers and companions for you to choose in the vanilla game problem is after a while they all start to feel well kind of the same using all the boring in-game assets used by every other NPC queue, the model followers, each custom-made with unique textures dialogue abilities and more not fit seamlessly into the vanilla Skyrim we're here to have as a companion on your long tracks across the continent. This is the 5 best followers. You can download right now for Skyrim. Special edition number five is Freda follower. Probably the follower. He uses the most assets from the game, but is still highly modded. So what do we know about her?

Well, she is a two hundred warriors, and she's, pretty similar to the style of yellow lioness. She specializes in great source war, hammers and battle-axes. Sometimes she can use arrows, but she's, not really geared towards that for her race. She is a hard so is accepted in towns and fades across Skyrim. Her voice is the female sultry voice.

So no. Custom voice like the other followers on the list, but she's still really cool. Her perks include juggernaut fighting stats, overdraw, barbarian, deep wounds, shielded wall, skull, crusher limbs, flare, arms men, agile defender, devastating blow and power, bash other stuff. You might want to know about issues essential so cannot die.

You can marry her, and she doesn't have a level cap. And so we'll just match the player. No matter how high you go. So there we have it our first follower. And at number five called.

Frida number four is CZI. The custom voice follower Celia is a custom voice follower with a cool English accent who has been added for you to recruit in the end in mortal CZL when you meet her somewhat of a mystery, but you just have to get to know her both the dialogue options will allow you over time to grow closer to her eventually unlocking some of her secrets and even begin to romance her as she can be married in battle she's, very good with her being savvy in one-handed destruction illusion. Heavy armor and restoration. So essentially she's a mage with armor. So a spell sword.

She is equipped with the robes to start with, but you can give her armor. She mostly uses her lightning bolt attacks and bow, but is really powerful so that's. Okay, finally, she has whatever body mods you're using for female characters. So if you're a male, you can still install a feeble mod for her to use a cool follower with a custom voice and dialogue.

And worthy of number four number three is a mod. We have seen a. Few times lately as it was just released this week called recorder a student from a mysterious Academy recorder has been sent to Skyrim to record the dragon Barnes adventures. She awaits in River route inside the sleeping giant in his quirky has an interesting sense of curiosity about Skyrim and the dragon barn.

And in all a fun companion when it comes to combat, she has a strange affinity for fighting and seeing blood causes I've taken her to go slightly insane. But don't worry, if you want to turn. That Cyclones against the dragon board, well, hopefully anyway, well over 700 lines of dialogue, romance options, various quests, her own horse summon spell. She sings and even comes with her own robot. Recorder is tough in combat as well and focuses on dual wielding archery and sneak. And like every other follower mod in list. She is essential.

So the Carter is definitely one of the best bowler mods so far for special edition. Number two on the list is Iigo, an award-winning custom boss companion with over. Seven thousand lines of dialogue, it can be found in the rift in jail in the first sell on your left. He levels with you and certainly he is essential. He has his own framework and doesn't affect your follower camp.

Furthermore, he is skilled and one-handed and archery performed equally well in light or heavy armor can talk to various NPCs, and he will develop differently for each player based on choices. You make during your time together it's, not very often. We see a Habit follower, Skyrim, let alone a blue one.

With so much unique dialogue, the lower to him Iigo is an awesome companion to have skilled at combat and awesome, looking as well making him a worthy number two for our number one. We had no real contender with over 10 million views and 250,000 likes Sofia is the best 4 mod for Skyrim special edition. Sofia is a humorous and advanced fully voiced follower. She is also fully immersive and integrates with loads of locations and quests I will comment on them as you play the game. She has her own custom. Dialogue system which allows for longer and more detailed dialogue.

She also has some many advanced features like horse, riding sang dismiss locations, singing Auto teleport to player and much more she's also malleable. If you build up enough of a relationship with her Sofia is quite an unusual follower, she's a tough way. And just a little boastful. She has a strong fondness for the character for her deliberate attempts to disguise. The fact just leads to very awkward conversations, especially as she.

Usually says exactly what she thinks Sophia as a tease that loves to wine people a lot, which doesn't make her very popular with people, her rebellious spirit and careless urge. You often get her in trouble as well, not to mention or constant inappropriate comments, which easily offend or embarrass people. So those are the main features on the personality that come with Sophia. The model is extremely well-made and makes for a awesome number of ones.

Well, guys that pretty much covers our look at today's. Top 5, the best follower mods, you can download for special edition. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you did like the video leave a thumbs up, if you want to see a specific top 5 for the next video, guys, vote for what you want to see in the comment, it could really be anything you like that's module, 8 so just choose the category anyway as always I love, you guys a lot and so stay awesome. Take care and I will see you all next time.

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