The Story Of A Nurse, Hidden Illness, And Finding Medical Medium

Hey, everyone welcome back to our channel, Ben and Ashley. And we have a very special guest today here with us, amber who's been doing medical medium for seven years. Now, which is amazing, but she before that dealt with rheumatoid, arthritis, fibromyalgia and so many more other crazy, symptoms and conditions that she's gonna talk about with us here today, amber. Thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you.

Thank you for having me, gosh, it's, really an honor I'm, such a big fan of you guys. And I just. Feel so blessed to be able to come on and chat with you guys and share a bit of my journey and wisdom cool, awesome, yeah. Well.

So what we'd like to do is maybe have you go into your story before you found medical mediums. So like your dealings with conventional medicine, what they were telling you your symptoms, your conditions, what they were diagnosing you with. I think a lot of people can relate to your story. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. So let's jump in.

Um, again. My name is amber whiting a. Lot of people know me from Instagram as amber holistic nurse coach. But just a background about me first, if I may before I get into my health stuff, I've always kind of been in the healthcare field, even as a child.

I was the one that was trying to make healthier meals for the family, um and just always was very concerned and worried actually about everyone's health. My grandmothers, my parents, my sister, everybody, um. So eventually, I kind of got into being a pharmacy tech. I did that for eight years. I. Worked at a hospital for five years doing that, I went to nursing school, and I've been a nurse since 2009, and I had somebody tell me once it makes perfect sense like the reason why you went through nursing school is that you are, um, you have a medicine woman, archetype and so that's.

What you were meant to do in this life. And it really struck me, and I can totally see that as being so true and amazing. But the thing that's really powerful is, yes. I've been on the other side right? I've worked in an.

Emergency room I've been at an inpatient rehabilitation center at a level. One trauma center. I've been a nurse case manager in many units. Oncology pediatrics worked from home as a nurse case manager, nurse care manager. And throughout that process, I found myself with some pretty severe symptoms and started getting a mystery, chronic illness, which is what anthony calls it. And so, um, after the birth of my first child, this was in 2011, all of my health came crashing down very quickly.

So. That was really the trigger for me was birth. The labor itself was incredible.

I was very healthy. But if I were to look back, I can tell you all the symptoms like throughout that pregnancy, I had severe sinusitis. And even before that going back into childhood in elementary school, I had an overactive bladder, and they were constantly doing tests on me, even in elementary school. And we just kind of chalked it up to, oh, it's.

No big deal. Amber just goes to the bathroom all the time you know. And now we know. It's strapped from, um from Anthony's information, Anthony Williams.

So after I had my daughter that was when things radically changed for me. Six days after I had her, I had to have my appendix removed. And then I had to have a tooth pulled. And then all of a sudden I was getting headaches every day. And then all of a sudden I was with severe muscle and joint pain in my upper body.

And then it spread out to my joints. And before she was even eight months old. I had a heart arrhythmia. And so I spent. I literally thought I was going to die. I was in an ambulance on my way to the her that I worked at as a registered nurse.

And my heart rate was 220. And I remember before it got that high I had texted, um, I had texted my husband, I really thought like that was it. And so it was a very scary time. I just didn't understand what was happening to my body. And quite frankly, the doctors had no answers either and that's that was my life for the next five years.

It was five years of, um hell. I mean, there's, really. No other way to put it. I spent a lot of hours, you know, wearing a heart monitor. I wore one for a month when my baby was tiny, and that was hard for me. Um, you know, I had to click this button when I had, uh symptoms like chest pain and things like that. And so I spent a lot of time at the cardiologist's office at the neurologist's office for migraines that I was diagnosed with.

I was on benzodiazepines at this point, because they basically discharged me after that, ICU, stay with anxiety. Pills. They said, we don't really know what's happening, but you need to go to the cardiologist and here's some Xanax and man. It was such a. It was such a terrifying time. Yeah, yeah. And so at that point, I was only working two days a week, and I could barely even do that.

I actually had to take a lot of time off just to recoup from that hospital stay. And then I had to reevaluate my career. I was like, gosh, I can't even handle being in an her with my health like this.

So after three years of that, I had to switch. To nurse case management, which is a blessing. I totally love my background in helping people, uh. But my health was just in the dumps.

I mean, um, eventually I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and that's a for me that was a big deal. Because I saw a lot of people come into the her with chronic pain, and they were judged so heavily and my heart just broke. So I was like, oh, my gosh, nobody's going to understand or take me serious. And I was crushed. I was so crushed because you couldn't see the pain you couldn't. See the suffering that I was going through, I was trying to take care of my daughter, we're, a military family. And so there was no family around.

It was just us. And we had to go to the her a lot. I wrote in the ambulance a lot because of my heart. It was just a.

It was a very stressful time, which eventually led me down to a really dark road of uh depression, honestly after the rheumatologist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia and then eventually r.a, which is rheumatoid arthritis. At that point I was like over. The edge severely depressed, because all of these labels, I knew as a RN would be basically what I took it as my life sentence. And I knew I wouldn't be able to be active and do the things that I loved. And I was so wrong, which you'll hear more about in just a little. But um, yeah, it was really tough. There were there were moments of severe darkness that I did.

Not think I was going to make it out of. I had some hospital stays for the suicidal depression. And every time I went to. The psychiatrist, the psychologist the pain clinic, the cardiologist, the neurologist, what did they all do they prescribed medicine, and I'm laughing now, and it's really not funny it's, not, um, because of my background being a pharmacy tech and then becoming a registered nurse, I thought that was the answer right? So I did what I thought was responsible in helping myself so that I could be a healthy mom for my daughter and a healthy wife and a nurse, because I just wanted to help people. And I.

Couldn't even do that if I wasn't feeling myself so, um, it was a big source of stress for me just going to all the doctors seeing all the appointments in my calendar. I would get very overwhelmed and very stressed out. And the biggest thing for me was I wanted to be well enough to be able to handle a move. Because my family moves every two to four years, it's, a's, a big deal being in the military. They ask a lot of you. And of course, I'm, I love the lifestyle, but it's, absolutely horrifying. When you.

Don't feel well enough, and you're constantly stressed about am I going to be well enough to handle if my husband's deployed right, and I'm so sick. So we were fortunate enough to be what's called special needs. And luckily, my husband wasn't, actually deployed for about seven years.

So that was a blessing. And yeah, my goal was just to be healthy enough so that I could do laundry without pain. So that I could take a shower without excruciating pain standing.

It hurt to sit on the restroom like my hips were. In so much pain, I couldn't sleep on my sides, the Ra got so bad that I couldn't grip, a steel steering wheel. And you know, holding a can or a jar.

I would drop stuff. My hand, grip was really weak. So it got awful to where I couldn't even wear like the shoes that I wanted to wear, because my feet started hurting and the bones and joints in my feet were hurting. So I wore what was called my old man shoes, my old man, tennis shoes. And it was I just wasn't myself. I was a completely different. Version of me, and I'm going to tell you too, I think a lot of people with chronic illness can relate.

My relationships were like down in the dumps it's, not like that for everybody. But for me, it was, I just wasn't myself and a lot of people didn't understand what was happening. And so I lost friendships.

Family members were like what's going on with her. And it was just a completely different, um interaction, and I felt very isolated. And so uh, the depression was really hard. Yeah, I I I don't think I really. Kept the relationships like it.

You know, I was kind of the uh, the kooky vegan guy, you know, and well we have laughter. Yeah, once I found medical medium, and you know, just changes. I see your way of thinking. And now you know, you don't, you don't, those relationships, aren't as fun as they used to be right? Because everybody else is doing something. And you might not even want to be doing that, or your head is somewhere else. You know, it's hard to hang out with those same people.

Yes that lifestyle that you. Don't really believe in anymore, exactly yes, yes. I can absolutely relate to that. I think you definitely nailed it with that, um and there's a lot to say about that where you can really unpack just the healing journey itself and the self-evolution journey of cleansing the physical body and soul and spirit and mind and heart being cleansed, and you're, just on your own journey, and you're soaring, and you're up here, and they're kind of down there, and they're suffering still.

And I think that there's. Really we could literally do a whole another show on that, um, but yeah, I don't know, yeah for sure, and I'm grateful for people like you. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Absolutely yeah. So so so, um, I think that's, really, uh, you know, a lot of a lot of my background and just uh, my story in my journey. Those are really like the big points.

I guess if you will, um, you know, all the labels that I was given anxiety depression. I was even told at one point I was bipolar, which totally flipped me out. So I was like this is. Insane they're, just throwing multiple labels at me when I'm clearly just having a hard time dealing with what's happening to my body, right and, uh, yeah. I mean, I had colonoscopies because there was stuff going on with my gut. And then I mean, it's just crazy.

The Ra, the fire, the heart arrhythmia all these things. And I just kept praying like god, please just help me to heal. So that I can do laundry so that I can take care of my family so that I can move and like handle it.

Because we went through one. Move literally from North Carolina to Virginia. And so it's just a few hour drives, but I had to have help.

I couldn't even drive the whole way. And I actually had to stop at one point and find a grassy area just to lay down. I was that sick.

And so if you can imagine it's just it's very scary to even like think about that, my daughter was three at the time. So at this point, basically her entire life, I've been really struggling. So, um, my mother-in-law, um, not my mother-in-law I'm. Sorry. My. Sister-In-Law actually told me, hey, there's, this guy, I found on Facebook, his name's, Anthony, William medical medium.

And I've been doing some of the things he's been saying, and it might my fibromyalgia is so much better. And at first I was mad because I used to get angry people when people would tell me that, oh, just do this it's going to work it's going to help you. I would get so mad because I was over it at that point. I tried so much stuff that it didn't matter. What you told me, I knew it wasn't. Going to work right?

But eventually I was like all right? Let me check this guy out. So I did. I saw he had a book coming out in october 2015. I started implementing some of his stuff that I saw online that he was posting.

And then the day that book came out, I went to the store, and I bought it check out video 2. We did with amber as she discusses her healing timeline. Once she found medical medium and check out some other great videos. We did with amber.

Thanks for watching see on the next one. Bye.

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