Super Bowl XLII: 'Helmet Catch' Game Patriots Vs. Giants Highlights

Well here are the New England Patriots. One win away from the second perfect season in NFL history, taking on a Giants team that started o into this season winners of 10 straight on the road. And they come rolling into this game with a lot of confidence times we'll, try from 32 good. Snap touchdown. Now Brady was able to shield us just enough that's a by Lawrence for second and three touchdown Giants.

Watch where Eli Manning is able to put this throw anything less than a perfect. Throw there could very. Easily have been intercepted it's third down and goal. Cory Webster was in trouble. As soon as he started backpedaling off the line of scrimmage, they doubled was Walker on the inside. And they left Cory Webster one-on-one on Randy Moss and just wasn't a match third down and five pressure from Thomas off the edge stays on his feet.

Airs. It out down the field. My god, this balls thrown and tie radius goes up for like a basketball player Harrison trying to knock it down and Eli man, I don't know how he.

Got out of there I thought he was on the ground, and then he came out of the pile and just slays it that's, a great catch by David Tyree. And now with 59 seconds left needing a touchdown. Take a look at this round here bike Lexico, girls, a great job, Ellis Hobbs in coverage. He starts to the inside just enough to sell the slant. And then he goes to the corner, and it worked beautifully by. Mani puts a little pump, fake on him to get him to bite and then goes to the corner. The Giants have won the Super Bowl.

It will go down as one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history as the Giants win it by three.

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