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Great so I'll, introduce myself, I'm, Kim, McGrath, uh, the director of the wins program here in st. Louis I work with our partner universities that send students to study abroad. Yeah, I'm. Tyler Orland, I'm.

The study abroad, advisor here in st. Louis working with Webster students who are looking at going abroad and then Angela did you want to do an intro before? Jennifer kicks it out? Yeah, I'm. Dr, Angela Myers. I teach at Sacred Heart University, so I'm going to be a guest lecturer this summer teaching a. Course, entitled Vietnamese vibes.

Excellent. Thank you. So I'm, just going to kick it off here to talk a few seconds minutes or so about the city of Vienna.

So really, truly, if you study abroad in Vienna, you are studying abroad in the heart of Europe, it's very accessible from lots of other European capital, cities and there's so much to do just right in and around Vienna that really a five-week program is just the perfect amount of time to get to know the city and to the areas around Vienna as well. There's so much to do even beyond, you know, students, I guess when you think of study abroad, maybe think of Western Europe and Paris Amsterdam that sort of thing, but Vienna really gives you access to Eastern Europe as well, um, so that's, a really a great opportunity and reason to study abroad in Vienna. In addition to the fact that it has been consistently named one of the top places for quality of life over the last decade, plus. Now, it is the capital city of Austria, and it's really considered by a. Lot of people to be the cultural capital of Europe anyway.

And the city itself has its own unique flair and charm, which I think most of us on the call have been there. And we can attest to that it's, definitely one of my favorite places in the world, um. So, yeah, from anything from museums to inspiring architecture.

The fact that there are parks and cafs literally well nearly around every corner. I should say, it's, a really great spot for students to study abroad, especially if it's your first time. Studying abroad, I think Vienna is very welcoming and students who maybe don't have a handle on the German language will still be able to get around and function that way.

So, yeah, and if you're joining us today, you're likely already aware that Vienna has extremely close ties to the music world. More famous composers have lived in Vienna than any other city in the world and Vienna's musical heritage really does live on today. You'll, see it, um through as you're walking around the city, and you'll. See concert halls, and you'll, see buskers and live reformers on the streets. And especially in the city center, which is, you know, Webster Vienna's campus is just steps away from the city center. Um.

So, yeah, there's just so much musically, um to do in Vienna. And so this five-week program really will allow students to walk in the footsteps of some of Vienna's greatest composers, while also experiencing that music firsthand and exploring the connections and the tie Vienna and music together. So. It's a great city, musically and otherwise and yeah, so I will go ahead and hand it over to. Dr, Meyers to talk a little about her course and uh, the different excursions and things that will be connected with the program. Okay, thanks. Jennifer, yeah.

So I actually was lucky. I got to visit, uh, the campus. This past fall visiting doing a little research and meeting everybody there. So I was excited to prepare for some of these excursions as you see listed there.

So really the primary purpose of this. Course, is to experience a lot of the historical background, that's gone on in Vienna. You can sort of think of Vienna as sort of the New York city of Europe, the musical capital of the world, particularly during the 17 1800s. And what we'll do is we'll be studying historical aspects and studying also contemporary music going on during in Vienna this summer, but also, relating it to the students own musical culture.

So my whole point is to get students to understand and appreciate that anything that you. Listen to on the radio anything you're listening to in your iPad, really wouldn't exist with a lot of stuff that we're going to be studying this summer. And certainly composers is probably most people know Mozart or Beethoven have spent much of their musical life composing and living in Vienna. Well, some of the most muse, beautiful performance halls exist in Vienna. We have an amazing opera hall, which we'll be taking tours of these places we'll be having classes in a lot of some music, museums. We'll be having classes in some of these houses apartments that composers lived in such as Beethoven and Mozart. And also some very old cafs, some that even goes back to the 12th century.

And in terms of logistics for the course, we'll be meeting twice a week, uh, just working on the schedule. Now. So it looks like we'll probably be meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it's going to be about a two and a half hour class, but taking into consideration that much for that class time is also going to be. Exploring I'm going to be taking you around the streets and see the sights of Vienna. There are some assignments. Of course, much of your assignments will be based on journal writing. So a lot of reflective learning in that aspect and based on of our excursions and content.

We talk about in class. I will be assigning some reading. So there will be outlines due for that.

And then I'll be asking for students to contribute questions to our group discussions based on those readings. And a fun assignment, I'm. Having students do is they have to attend one of their own concerts on their own. So this could range anywhere from a street performance, or perhaps going to a nightclub, whether it might be a live band. And based on that students will be presenting that in one of our classes. And then overall since my whole point is to prove that what we study does relate to music culture of other people students will be completing a seven to eight page final paper, which will be due a couple of weeks after the class. Finishes and that's going to be an opportunity for students to reflect and relate to what we studied in Vienna, what they explored what they observed and how it relates to their own music, they study and what kind of uh role music plays in their own culture.

So I think like I said, I think studying music in Vienna, there's a lot of important music all over Europe, but it's sort of as if in 300 years, someone came to study music in New York city and understanding that a lot of what began in music and. Particularly in New York city, you know where there were many performers, many people who started their careers. Here it'll be the same idea of studying music in Vienna. So I don't know if there's any questions anything else. So along with the Viennese vibes course, for the five-week program. Students do have the option of taking a music.

Well, psychology 2000, but cross listed as music 1071, which is the introduction to the psychology of music, which is taught by another, faculty member from one of. Our wins institutions and there's a perfect pairing of classes, and especially the different excursions and things that will be happening within each one pairing with each other seamlessly students, if you would rather extend your time in Vienna and stay a little longer, you would have the option to take a class from the eight-week session. In addition to the Viennese, vibes course, so you'll see the dates, um listed. Here both sessions are going to start at the same time.

Obviously, the five week. Session ends a little earlier. And the eight-week session goes to July 31st. The dates are these are the start dates of the actual courses students will arrive a week earlier on May 30th for orientation within that time you'll do orientation.

Then have some free time to just get acclimated to the city. So I know that was an error, maybe I was that wasn't super clear on former flyers that had been sent out. So I just wanted to make a note about that, um in the presentation and um. So that everyone's.On the same page, and then, so you can also see the list of courses within the eight-week session.

So a couple of these are fascinating. I think you know pairing the German language course with Viennese vibes would be a unique experience. Also, the ILC course, the social history of a city. I think also has some experiential components to it as well. So there are a lot of good combinations that you could use from these classes if you wanted to stay for the eight-week program.

Absolutely don't have to, but that is an option. And then yeah, a little more about housing. We had students will be staying in the student hotel.

This is an actual picture of an actual student room. Um, I just like to clarify that because it's, very nice, looking and students will have their it's, an ensuite accommodation. So you have your own bathroom, but you do share a kitchen with eight to ten other students who live on your floor. They call them pods at the student hotel.

It's, also located in the. Second district, which is where Webster Vienna is located it's easily within walking distance to campus, public transportation, several parks, um and lots of cafs and restaurants that are in the second district as well. So it's, an excellent spot to be for students cost of the program for two courses. Six credit hours it's, twenty-seven hundred dollars for tuition. And then you'll see the other fees down there. The uh, only thing that really is going to change between the five and eight week.

Program is the cost of housing, um and then your meals. And of course, personal expenses things, like that will be additional cost. And we do have we'll put this in the chat as well, but a link to our website that has all a lot of more information about housing the city of Vienna itself, but there's also a cost tab that will let you plug in these.

These costs that are guaranteed, you know, or not guaranteed, but um are not won't change based on your circumstances, they're already plugged in there and. Then you'll have the option to add additional things like if you still need to get a passport or, um, you know, if you have scholarships or financial aid that you want to add in and to offset the cost you'll be able to plug all of that in on our website. So we'll get that link here as well, too and there's still about a month left for applications. So if you're interested, um, we'll, get you the application link? You may, I think somebody maybe has already started applications. I think some of your names. Look familiar, um and yeah, so that's that's, kind of all that we had today.

But I would love to ask answer any questions that you may have, and we'll get those links in the chat. Hey, Jennifer, yes. I just want to say that I saw the student hotel.

This fall and it's, absolutely spectacular, how awesome it's almost like a little city. I mean, you can do everything there. In fact, I think I want to stay there as well. Yeah, but it's its, really an incredible space. That's, awesome, um.

I'd love to hear that because I. Haven't got a chance to visit it yet. But yeah, they have, um, lots of different like obviously, when you walk in there's lounge, space and everything, but they also have study spaces for students. You can rent bikes there to get around the city with they have a game room. I think downstairs right or somewhere where they have their own.

Uh, yeah, yeah. And they have a gym like a gym light, laundry, giant lounge beds where you can have a movie night. Yeah. So they also have a restaurant caf on site, um, which I. Don't know if you have tried anything out there, but, um, yeah, that's that's, an option as well. Yeah, I'm. So glad that you enjoyed, yeah, and it's, not it's, such a short walk to campus as well.

And then it's, literally, such a short walk just to be. You know, near, uh, saint Stephen's, right in the central Vienna. So it's, an ideal location.

Excellent, um. We got a question into just about the student participation. So I know it's about the question is, how many students normally join the program? So I know for summer. We typically, you know, don't have as many students on campus is during the fall or the spring, but I don't know, Jennifer or Tyler. If you want to talk about just kind of our general summer study abroad, oh man pre-coveted.

We had pretty solid numbers. Um, a summer program would be anywhere in Vienna would be anywhere from 10 to 15 students. Um, I can't. I can't actually remember 2019. I guess was the last summer that we um had students there.

And it was a pretty good number. But um, we the last time we. Tried to run this particular class, we had six or seven. I think that had selected to enroll in it, um and some others that were interested but didn't apply. And then, of course, it was Ovid. So yeah, and then the study abroad students are combined in with anyone in Vienna, any of our local degree seeking students who take classes too. So we don't tend, you know to know those as soon as we know, the study abroad participation, but, um, you know, that's, just something that to keep in mind that's, kind of the.

Unique one of the unique things about, um, our courses is that you'll be in class with study abroad. And then also with you know, students from Vienna and um, we often have students from our other international campuses as well and let's see. I saw another program about like detergent, um with laundry. There is laundry machines at the student housing, it's actually included like the detergent is in the machine. So you just like press a button to start the laundry.

And it puts the soap in there for you. Um is a way of limit waste they're, trying I think it's a kind of eco-conscious, um set up, but yeah, it's in laundry's included for people who live there, very cool, that's, good to know, I did not know that all right? Well, let's see, um, I dropped the link for just the Vienna program page into the chat. And I will also put in the link for application information.

If you need that. So that one just went in if there aren't any more questions, um. Thank you. All for joining us today and feel free to reach out.

If you, you know, if anything else comes up or you, um have questions about the program in general or about the application process, we will certainly be happy to assist, definitely, and I'll, I'll encourage our attendees today, too to invite your friends to join this summer. Um, you know, we're excited to have. Dr, Myers join us from one of our partners Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. And the course is also something that would apply for students across any institution. So we often have study abroad. Students who come from our other partners, we have 60 different wins partners across the states, but then any other U.S. university or college. We welcome students from those schools as well.

So tell your friends who are thinking about the program, it's a really, really great opportunity to spend a summer in Vienna spend a good amount of time there. But then also have time to, you know, hang out here and get ready for the fall semester as well. So we're hope to see you guys in Vienna.

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