Procharged C5 Giveaway Car Hits The Dyno! | RPM S5 E8

Gary I was being nice. And you have to come over here with that as the ripple can't, comment, it's, common got tensioners in there for the new belt laura-louise on got some all the boys in there got the tank and heat exchangers and yeah, help ones in law. I got some hoses in I'm, trying to get some other stuff done some way I can figure out where I can route my boost fuel system and stuff like that, because of everything like right here, everything's kind of got to go in the same spot because. This is. Where we mount our regulators, yeah, this is where this goes. And this is where the catch Kant was thinking, I'm going to get real lucky.

Everything's gonna just slide close enough together that everything's going to clear I'm hoping you know, because you've said that I've already been looking at okay. So if you think it might be if anything is close enough, I can just kind of tweet one of the brackets or just open up. It opened up all of us. I can slide a little , that'll, be nice.

So you got the. Heads covered, so you don't get anything in this nope since we're, not putting anything on yet, even though I said, I started to run one line. So I got it in there for my feed line into the go system. Nice, let's, it's going on I'll check back when off those fresh patterns.

Yep, we got that much cleaner - yeah, Hotel. You have been on the strut towers. You got in a little bucket. Yep, Mr. bucket buckets are fun. You ordered some Adam stuff it's filled too. Well I would be a little worried if it wasn't, if you.

Just wanted a bucket that would kind of suck I. Don't know, we've launched a bunch of goodies. Look at that VRT vinyl and rubber some interior detail.

We've got the car shampoo that we will be using today. Eco all-purpose, cleaner, h2o guard and gloss detail spray can never have too much of that eco wheel, cleaner, little clay bar, then our tops, and we got a little grit guard in there time. So you make one fourth warning, but I would be really pissed. My car I'll make it make we made for 22. Yes, I'll. Make white here to make a point. Yeah, because that board in your car that's all I need to do.

Everyone needs me, literally I think everything I have has booth. But you know a truck cr1. And who knows when I raise far my girlfriend straw?

Nothing I, salmon booth, all the things Gary there's, our social it's, a little stock, headers, cats, muffler, stop stock. Header. Panelists. Are there you go?

Right in the wrong way to say things, keep you started another project already sister, Pam, oh, we got you moved over. Here now, yeah, yeah. And now you're all with all.

The excitement is much better off you so what's up with this thing, just a cam. Yeah, we're doing a can can't package on. So yeah, yeah.

Yeah. The Tampax valve springs. Everything, push rods I like doing bow strings. What I'm thinking like if it's, go, hey, thanks Ollie. That was longer than 10 minutes.

It was 30 and you step on out ready. So it was 14 now and I'm flashing. It right now see, so I could have run another back see? But that's beside the point give me a. Hard time this is silly. Both ten minutes I took you 14 so what's. This just depressing, yeah, I, don't know, it's done all right cam and the essentials, you know, headers there and take camp properly you.

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