Plowing 18 Inches Of Snow On A Long Country Driveway

Afternoon, everyone today, it's going to be kind of a short video I. Just gotta go out do that long country driveway, which I have not been there in two weeks, there's been about 20 inches of snow, that's been dumped in our area and I, don't know how much it's been there. So I just got the call today. Did he speak time today, not happy about that phone call because it could have been done a couple of days ago, but they didn't want to take care of it till last minute? So now that's gonna cost, so I'm going to do the. Best I can all to this driveway, it's going to be a pain because it's been so long since I've been down there, and it's got rained on once twice, it was redone twice along with all the stone.

So it's, either going to go real. Well, it's going to be an absolute nightmare. So we'll find out together out there, that's, not too bad it's only about a foot and a half deep. So, but people have driven on it.

So this is going to be fun. So I'm opening up the driveway right now, just the beginning of it. So I can get in there. And get a good couple. Good passes that are good runs everywhere.

You want to call it, and we'll go from America's. This is either sitting there going to go bad or it's going to go good. So we'll, see what happens?

Well, let's journey away, dingo as bad as I thought it was going to go I had a goal. I went sideways, a couple different times had to restart over a couple of times, but well, that's too bad for people driving on an ice underneath everything. But it turned out. Well, this time I got lucky and was able to call it. Clear all through this without getting stuck as I've been getting stuck regularly, because of the ice underneath all that snow. And this lady, I hope, she sells this house soon because I am tired of dealing with this don't want to spend any money thing just gives me short, notice that when someone's going to come look at the house so let's get real Annoying real fast. Anyhow.

Now, I have a couple more months of winter left, and I won't have to deal with this anymore for the rest of the season, hopefully she. Sells it before next winter that way I don't have to even worry about it. So that is going to be my video for today. I.

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