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That's a type of arrogance that we see from these, uh, these liberals who are to me are the most racist when it comes to their points of view. Now the question that we ought to be asking ourselves is had we gone from having 25 of black kids entering the world without a father married to the mother in 1965, when clearly racism was worse, uh to 70 percent today in 2022. And I've always argued pastor that it's the welfare state, not that people don't need help not that people don't do get into trouble.

And require money, but I've always felt that individuals should do it? Churches, should do it? Not government? Should do it because government creates dependency. And I've always said, don't know whether you agree, but the welfare state has induced women to marry the government and allowed men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility. What's your reaction to that, you know, absolutely, I agree 100 that post, uh, liberalism in the 60s has gotten our culture our community in a lot of trouble.

Uh, those policies that they have established have caused us to be totally dependent on government, and it's, totally moved fathers out of the household causing 80 percent of our upward in our neighborhood, single parent mothers who having to rely on a government system that cannot love them back that cannot lead them, nor give them the affirmation and attention that they even need, but we're married to that system, because they've created such a dependency that it makes, uh young women, uh in our. Community feel as if they cannot succeed or cannot make it without the help of their government. And as a result, a lot of men have been had abandoned their homes, because they cannot even be in the home and that's. One of the reasons why I believe we see so much violence in the city of Chicago and these other urban centers across America, because we have a bunch of young boys who have fatherless homes and a bunch of young boys who are really led by single-parent mothers, who have a great dependency.

On government, you know, pastor some of your fellow members of the clergy don't seem to be emphasizing this let's just take three of them. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. And Louis Farrakhan, all Sharpton led a very nice middle class life until his father abandoned, the family and then down to the ghetto.

He went Jesse Jackson's. Mother was a teenager who got pregnant by the married man who lived next door. And when Jesse Jackson was raised in South Carolina, that was an unusual phenomenon. Not to have a father. In the home, and he was teased Jesse ain't got no, daddy Jesse ain't got no daddy. In the case of Farrakhan, Farrakhan's mother was estranged from her husband had a boyfriend briefly took back up with the husband got pregnant with who turned out to be Louis Farrakhan and tried to abort him with the coat hanger.

Yet all three of these men of the cloth are always talking about systemic, racism, the white man this the white men that rather than the central issue, which is lack of fathers in the home and. They could speak to it from personal information from personal experience as you are, but they're, not right, yeah, you know, it's like booker, g, Washington said, there are individuals who consistently in my own words, make money off our pain or their grievances are totally kept before the American public because that's how they make a living, and it's unfortunate that individuals who have been in that type of predicament. They ought to know the difference, and they ought to know what fatherless. Homes is all about, and they only know how difficult it is for single parents to raise these boys, but you're, right?

These are leaders that we have. And we've been dependent upon for far too long to uh to lead us and give messages, but those that leadership. And those messages are totally, uh in direct conflict to what we really need to be hearing. What does our current out-of-control? Inflation, look like well, it looks like paying 47 percent more for fuel than a year ago. It looks like paying 41 percent. More for the same used vehicle, if you buy it this year, instead of last it looks like paying almost 10 percent more to feed your family.

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Go to Larry that's,, Larry, yeah and let's, not let off the white leaders. You've. Got people like Joe Biden, telling Charlemagne, the god quote, you ain't really black. If you don't know whether you want to vote for me or trump, and you got Biden during the 2012 race talking about Mitt Romney before a black audience. And he said because Romney did not want to regulate Wall Street.

What Mitt Romney wants to do is unchain Wall Street want to put you all back in chains. We know we have an expression called white savior movies, where uh just people like Sean Connery in a movie called. Finding Forrest is saving a black kid. The movie blind side where Sandra Bullock mentors, a black young man and saves him, uh, and it's. A disparaging term that many black movie critics use called white savior movies, but white savior politicians who basically tell you're a victim, you're being oppressed by the man you're being oppressed by police officers, they seem to get a pass, absolutely not only do they get a pass. But as if it's okay to tell us that if we're, not able to freely think or. Freely choose to me that's so anti-American.

And I don't know what else to call it because anytime you tell me as an American citizen that I don't have the freedom to decide to believe in another party or vote. Another way that to me is in total conflict of what we believe in as Americans. So you have individuals like Biden who for years along with his party have told black men and black women that you must vote for us. And if you think any other way, you're, an uncle, tom, or you're you're, You're stepping fetch, all of these names, all of these derogatory names, simply because we're free thinkers, we decide to vote how we want to vote. We decide to believe how we want to believe, and we refuse to allow anyone, uh to bind us and limit us by putting these labels on us. You know, and when Biden made that comment to Charlemagne the god, uh, I played it many times on my radio show, Charlemagne, wasn't, even insulted. And how about Chelsea handler, the comedian who used to date fifty cent and.

When 50 cent came out and supported Donald Trump, she said, I had to remind him that he's black are you kidding? Me are you kidding? Me, yeah, that's the type of that's, the type of, um arrogance that we see from these, uh, these liberals who are to me are the most racist. And when it comes to their points of view, they continue to try to demean us by making us think that we have to think a certain way, and they continue to put these chains on us by making us, stay, uh in certain patterns of thinking, but I'm. Following the type of mindset, like you, Larry I'm, a free man, I'm a free thinker, and I'm, not going to let anybody continue to put those limits on me.

And those labels there is the uh black lives matter leader in New York. His name is hawk Newsom. And recently he said, poverty, causes crime. And I discussed that in my first book that came out about 20 years ago called the 10 things you can't say in America.

And I pointed out that here in California, where I am the 1960s, the area that had the greatest level of. Poverty, the highest level of unemployment, the highest level of people earning less than four thousand dollars a year. The hot, the least level of educational attainment, the highest level of tuberculosis was an area right outside San Francisco called Chinatown yet in the entire penal system of the whole state of California, pastor there are only five people of Chinese ancestry behind bars. So if poverty caused crime, it should have been full of Chinese and Chinese Americans, but it wasn't right? Right? You know, People make statements that don't hold water and that's one of them.

We both know from our backgrounds that we've seen poverty at its lowest. And we've seen individuals strive for better and not get committed to a life of crime, even though they were in poverty. We come from poverty-stricken backgrounds. Poverty is not the absolute reason that causes these crimes. You have morality issues where people have taken god completely out right and god is. And because of that there's, a lot of rampant. Unharnessed wickedness because people just don't have a relationship with god.

And then you tie into the fact that there's so many faithlessness individuals, don't have fathers in the home there's, no two-parent households. And you said, the statistics earlier about how more likely these individuals are to commit crime. And so adding poverty to the equation. It adds to the equation.

But it is not the reason for what we're experiencing in our neighborhoods today, nor is racism. The reason that we're. Experiencing what we're experiencing today. There are a lot of people who want to believe that white supremacy is the reason for the state of the crime in our neighborhood and the murders in our neighborhood and the criminality that we see across the country, but that is so far from the truth. Well, that's all for today's. Larry elder on YouTube we're now, showing a shorter version of our show on YouTube that's after being censored and demonetized for a whole year, full episode can be watched on our. Website,, Larry, elder that's, Larry elder, you can also find out where to watch our show live on cable in your city at TV.

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