OSRS 1-99 Fishing Guide 2018

Fishing was my first ninety-nines and I felt was a really enjoyable CEO to train. So I thought it'd be fitting that it would be my first skype and have to get a 99 as well. I felt the best way to do.

This guide would be to split it up into multiple sections based off methods, because people have different ideas on what's, good XP per hour, what's good to be per hour. And even though there are pretty objective answers to those some people will still prefer. GB per hour over extra power. And this guide. Aims to look at multiple methods in death to figure out, which is the best method for you. So starting off the early levels are awful in terms of extra power and there's. Nothing really valuable that you can fish from there.

Anyway. So the best way to get through the early levels is questing. Most noticeably, the quest sea slug will take you all the way to level 24 fishing, where you'll then be able to fly fish. So make sure to do as many quest as possible early on for fishing experience, but 100%. The one you must do is sea slug next up. We have fly-fishing, and this could be done at either shallow village or barbarian village, I, don't, really think it makes a difference because either way you're going to be dropping them they're just not worth banking. I know that during these levels you can make profit off lobsters and tuna.

But the fact of the matter is there's just too many bots in free-to-play for these to be profitable enough to be worth doing so save yourself the time you don't make that. Much money anyway, just do fly fish in the most efficient way to go fishing is with three tick fishing and to reach level 58 fishing with three tick fly-fishing or take you about five hours to do at 40 KGB per hour. If you want a guide on how to 3 tick, there are many YouTubers already with amazing 3 tip guides on how to 3 tick fish much better than I can be at explaining it I would personally recommend autumn, allergies guide as his 3 tick, fishing guide it's, what I used to learn other 3, tick fish.

For my next method, I love with 58 fishing, the unlocked leaping salmon, which means that is now possible for us to switch over to barbarian heavy rod fishing for better XP rates then fly-fishing in order to do barbarian fish need to speak of Auto god-blessed cells of the Barbarian outpost teleport on the game's necklace I recommend. Many other guides on the shoot. They can help you do this. Because this is purely a fishing guide also note that you need certain strength and agility levels to be able. To fish certain fish from barbarian fishing, which I have put on the video.

This would mean that certain account builds like defense peers or skill level. 3 scalars would not be able to do these methods and would have to stick to fly-fishing instead for those who do choose barbarian fishing as their training method. It offers the fastest consistent XP per hour and fishing. In addition to a large amount of agility and strength experience that you get for free while hitting 99 that will put you to. About level 70s in both after you reach 99 fishing assume you don't use anglers. This is a great start to any account because you get a lot of bonus Max hits at the start for free.

And you get so much more run energy without ever after training agility after getting the requirements to fish the barbarian fish in the first place, my apologies for all the people who wanted to figure out how to make money during fishing, and sorry for the wait. But we are finally at the first good profitable method and. It is an amazing profitable method too and at level 65 that is fishing carom. Once they are found north of the DKP fairy ring code after catching Karen, Burn G at fairy ring code, c, KR doing both requires completion of the quest I wore one eye trio as a prerequisite while you can buy the Karen blonde Roux from shops. You can also catch about 14,000 per hour at level, 65 fishing. So I, definitely recommend fishing them over buying them.

If you plan to stay there for an extended period of time. Something that's important to note, though is that the rates I show on screen are just the XP / RNG. People are fishing Karen bonds when you account for the time it takes to actually get the Cameron bungee. Your effective XP + GP per hour rates are going to be something closer to 28 to 34 KBE per hour. And 280 to 240 kg per hour. Monkish are similar XP per hour. But they're only one Sergi fee per hour with much higher requirements because of the swansong quest requirement.

So I don't really see a. Reason to do monkish anymore, which is why I've left them out of this guide straight up shark fishing in 2018 don't. Do it just throw it out the window way, too low XP power way, too low TV power. The new meta, we do minnows at level 82.

Now. This is another highly profitable fishing method. Although you may notice the profit isn't as high as you might want it to be for a level, 82 method being lower than caribou on a matter of fact, but I have to be honest, I've never tested these methods. So I'm strictly.

Going off the poll rate because I don't feel like getting the angler outfit. And by my intuition, if it were higher than the pod rate, we'd have a lot of people mad at Jagex for offering higher XP per hour than what was polled. So I will trust that the polled information is correct. And these are, in fact, the maximum XP per hour rates at the levels that you can do Minos Act. An important thing to note is that while the TV per hour is slightly lower on Minos. The X power is substantially higher there's. Xe power is what matters more, so minerals are a better method than caring bonds in my opinion unless you're going for max profit, of course, but another drawback of Minos is that unlike Karen bonds minerals are not very AFK at all the low attention, but they're, not really AFK, because sometimes a lot of fishing minerals, you can start losing minerals from a fish that eats your minerals.

And this causes minerals to not be nearly as asks Karen bonds are. In addition, you also need to spend time getting. The angler set to be able to fish minnows in the first place, which takes around six to seven hours to get assume you get average drop rates.

So if you're not planning to do minnows for that many levels, the time spent doing fishing trawler will have a huge impact on your GP and XP per hour. So if you're just going for let's say, eighty-seven fishing I, highly recommend against doing minnows, because you will waste so much time on fishing trawler to even get the requirements to do minnows moving on to. Some less popular methods that I also believe are very good, infernal, eels, aren't, a method I'm too fond of, but for poo who hate banking, a free Google who want the maximum AFK possible.

I could see this method being. Okay. You get a bid, lower exit route than that Carib once and a bid lowered GP per hour. The requirement is access to more all rec. So you need to have the far cape completed sorry again to the killer's.

Another thing I really don't like about this is compared to Karen bonds. Karen bonds. Are always in the same fishing spot, although you do have to get Karen Ponzi at a different fishing spot, but that doesn't really matter in my opinion inferno.

They are just kind of annoying to do because they the fishing spots are moving around the city, not by too much, but enough. So that you'll have to walk across the mini-map and like actually look for the spots. It's quite annoying my opinion, but maybe some people will like these. You can just fish them.

And then you bring a hammer. You mash them. Into onyx boat tips lava skill shards and talk cool, I, again, I'm, not a big fan of this method. But it is an option that is kind of decent for profit.

So you some people might be interested in it, but definitely switch off of it as soon as possible in my opinion again. This is another method, I've, never tested. Because anyone who watched my videos will know that I hate the wilderness of an absolute passion. But for those of you willing to brave the deep wilderness and have preferably the wilderness. Diaries, you can choose to do dark crabs. These are relatively decent actually per hour, actually and for being profitable at about 35 to 42 K XP per hour and having similar profit to infernal eels.

One thing to keep in mind though is that because this isn't about earnest, you might get peak aid, and you might lose some time fending off be cares. And that would cause your extra priority before hour to obviously drop possibly even result in a loss and profit, depending on what you bring. And how long.

You've been there, whether you die, etc., etc., I, can't really calculate that, but just know that these actually priority for our rates are not guaranteed. Finally, is my very favorite fishing method. And that is sacred eels, it's next to Zola's shrine.

So you do need to complete regicide to be able to do this method, it's incredibly slow. But also very AFK. It also recommends a very high cooking level to be able to get the most amount of skill as possible pearls and I.

Personally, do believe it is worth. It to get 90 plus cooking, preferably around 92 to 93 to get roughly 5 or 6, scales per ye'll and just go post, 99 cooking by a few million XP. Your rates will vary a lot, depending on your cooking level. But you'll get about 20 to 25 KBE per hour, 23 to 32 cake cooking XP per hour, 120 to 350 K tree view per hour, making it the best fishing method for GP per hour. Just a final note, or if you're wondering what the best methods are.

It is definitely to fly-fish and then do barbarian fishing straight to 99. Because as you can probably tell the jumbo per hour rates of fishing are incredibly low, and you can make a lot more cheeky per hour in the long run by just doing the fastest XP per arm as possible. And using the time you saved training fishing to kill work ass do raids genre, whatever for something like 4 mil, plus per hour and that'll land, substantially more profit in the long run than attempting to fish for profit. However, I do understand that many people have different goals in mind, especially. Since many fishing masters can be very AFK and easy to do while studying so whatever method you choose I hope. My guide has helped you decide on what to do, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey to 99, or even 200 mil fishing.

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