What is going on social media family, Corey from sugar, rim, bar and uh, I want to make a video. And I want to do this as straightforward as possible. I've made videos about my trucks, my vans, how I'm making money the things I'm doing how I'm growing the channel, and I'm on a delivery right now. I wanna I want to do this as straightforward as possible and show you exactly how to make money with your trucks, or at least how I'm doing it, because I don't have all the answers. So, uh, right now, I'm, uh, I own a.

Company called sugar rim bar, I have a mobile event business and because of coming and the pandemic. My business is literally stopped so like many of you, or you know, maybe your business is jumping. Possibly, you know, maybe you out there getting it? Uh, I wasn't getting it businesses slowed down. I had these trucks sitting around.

So I thought to myself, and I said, self and me said, yes, I said, self, um, we got to get some money. So I thought of ways to get money. And sometimes so I've made multiple videos. About how to do this, and I told the guys I totally get it I'm, not trying to not tell you anything I'm, not trying to hide anything I'm just showing with you how I'm doing business.

Now I have a truck I'm in right now. I have a 17-foot box truck in this box truck, um it's. My truck, um, I own it. Uh. I have a. I have a d.o.t endorsement on my license. Furthermore, I do not have a CDL.

Um, I don't need a CDL with this truck. If you drive larger trucks over 26 feet, I do believe that you do need to have a CDL. So some of. The questions I get not the number one, but some of the questions I get is do you require a CDL? The answer for me is no. But if you do want to go get your CDL, ladies and gentlemen, go get your CDL like it's its. I would rather have it than not have it.

So that's, an investment that you're going to make, um in your life to yourself. Um, I do not have an authority I'm, not hauling across state lines, I'm, not. So I live in Maryland, I'm, not going from Maryland to Atlanta to New York to I'm, not hot shot, um, I know. There are a bunch of videos out there. And when I say this, I don't want to say it as if like I'm speeding trip reported this navigation it's, just that when we do these when I do these videos, there are so many varying degrees of comments. And the number one comment that I think that I get is, how do you get loads? How do you get clients?

Where do you find business? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to say this until I'm blue in the face, you have got to get out there. You have got to grind and hustle it's.

Not as easy as just jumping on load boards and guys, I got. I got networks. I have thousands of people that I know that help me so like this right? So let me show you what I'm doing today. So because of my business, I'm, catering, food, today's, my last day that I'm buying food. So what I did is seen those little Caesars pizzas over there.

Not only did. I make these guys' food, the security team I'm also going to give them out of my pocket. Now, hot pizza may not sound like something to you. But if you've been. Working on a job site for a week.

And on the last day, you get some hot. Pizza. Come on talk to me guys, I know you're out there. So I have this business I'm delivering this while I'm down there. They also rented chairs and tables from me. So I got to pick those up in this truck. So what I'm saying is, if you let's say, you let's say, you have a truck, but you don't have any ways means to get a business viable business.

Guys. Go on Facebook marketplace. Go on Facebook marketplace, start advertising. Your. Business and again, you're going to hear the another question I get is do you need movers insurance? Do you require? Uh, uh, business insurance.

If you can't afford that, then the answer is, no, if you're just starting off if you're just starting off, and I'm, telling you my channel is built towards grindpreneurs. If you are out there hustling, and you don't have the money, but that doesn't mean that so let's say, you're, starting in the beginning, and you got your box truck, you don't have any insurance that. Doesn't mean that you go out and try to secure a 20 million dollar contract, I'm, not trying to stop you. But if you go get a 20 million dollar contract, go get some insurance like it's, it's amazing to me that they're like not.

And I don't want to come off as like I'm being arrogant, or I'm, trying to like, I got it all figured out, or if I'm trying I'm, not trying to tell you to do anything illegal guys. When I started, I had no money. I had no money. I had no clients. Nobody was hiring me. I had to do. Odd, and in jobs halls moves trip to the dump I had to make it happen.

And then you start, then I started growing. So then when I started growing, I was able to afford higher insurances. I was able to get like, I said, like the DLT on my like well that doesn't cost much, but I was able to get that. But when I first started, I had nothing so look guys. You got to get out there.

You got to hustle. Furthermore, you got to grind. I keep telling you guys like no one is going to give you anything. Man, no, one's going to give you. Nothing what's some other questions that I get, um, a lot. I get, um, how much do I charge?

I get that that's another question that I get guys charge, whatever you feel comfortable with like, I said on other videos, um my fee. And your fee may not, you know, look. I started off charging 99 an hour that may not be enough for you just to see all the shaking and jumping some guys out there say stuff like, oh, you know, if I do a load I do it for, you know, a thousand dollars. I get it I'm. Not lowballing you.

I own my. Own truck, I have zero overhead. I don't make. I don't make any payments on my truck. My truck is mine.

I own it. So if I do the job for 800 I'm, not lowballing you, I just made 800 bucks. Another question. I get is, you know, they always say you never factor in the gas, the maintenance, the oil changes guys. I own this truck, whether I did a move or not whether I contracted a client or not in order for this truck to move. Furthermore, I got to put gas in it after 3, 000 miles or whatever I got to change the oil like these.

Things have got to happen. Anyway, it's just a natural expense of doing business. There were people on there, telling me like, you know, 500 that you know, I don't know, I don't know where you guys live. And I don't know how you break it down, but if I have a truck and or if I do a move and I charge the guy, 500 bucks a hand.

It doesn't. Well, gas is either fluctuate. But I also have a gas app.

I know you guys don't believe me, but I have an app that pays me to get gas. So even if I put gas in my truck, Anyway, I'm still going to make some of that money back because I'm putting it on an app that pays me. Not only am I putting on an app that pays me I'm putting on my business credit card, which also pays me, so I'm like saving money. So I'm going to put my I'm going to put gas in the tank. I still have enough money left over if I wanted to hire a teenager or a young kid, my cousins, my sons, if I wanted to throw them, 75 or 100 to come along with me and help me, I still got money left over again.

I don't. Furthermore, I don't want. These videos to come off like I'll, tell you I don't have it all figured out guys?

I do not. I do not, but I'm out here every day grinding and hustling making money. There are apps that you can sign up for. I just signed up for an app called dolly there's, a load of app that you can sign up for there are more and more things out there that you can do. You can sign up for Amazon flex if it's in your area, um, you can jump on craigslist. I jumped off of uh years ago, but I'm just saying if you had. To start all over again, you can run ads on Craigslist.

They cost five bucks. A lot of people aren't going to spend the five bucks. And just think how many people don't spend the five bucks right, you're, not going to spend the five bucks.

But what if you're the person that does spend the five bucks to advertise that you can do jump removal hauling curbside pickup, whatever you got to get creative in this economy in this world that we're living in. And even now while I'm making this video someone's. Going to think that like, oh, you know, I mean, look we're getting to the point now, where like everything is negative, I'm, not I'm, not going negative. Man, I'm, not being negative. I want to motivate you. I want you to see me out here, hustling and grinding. Furthermore, I want you to see me picking up.

These chairs, dropping off these tables, delivering this food I'm, getting it like I'm, get I'm. When I go do this I'm going to get a check I'm, not doing this for free so guys, you got to grind, you got to hustle man. If you got. Any comments anything you want to put down below comment, ask me some questions below I'll, try to answer as much as possible.

But let me get the big stuff out of the way. No. I do not have an authority. No, my truck is 17 feet. I do not need a CDL. I do not have a CDL. Furthermore, I am not telling you to not get a CD hill, um I'm, not telling you to get your, um, your MC, or your authority, I'm, not telling you to go out and buy a semi truck guys you get in where you fit in there's so much money in the.

Transportation business, I also have two cargo vans. I want to make videos on making money with my cargo vans. And I also have a pickup truck. So I just signed my pickup. Actually I have three. I have two cargo, vans an Castro van my pickup truck. This box truck and also have a Chevy Tahoe.

So I'm going to make more videos, uh of how to hustle those, um, those things because at the end of the day, these videos, look, if you're out there, and you're making 100 grand you're, making a million dollars leave some. Comments down below and help someone don't come on the channel discouraging people and talking about them and scaring them out of making money guys. This is for people out there that are hustling man are you grinding? Are you hustling?

Do you want to get up here and get this bread? Because it's out here? Man, well, look I'm going to jump off here, leave some comments down below. Thank you guys for watching click, the subscribe button click, the notification bell.

I want to help. I want my channel to help. Those that are looking for ways to make money get out here and grind and hustle baby never give up Corey bummer, sugar bar, I'll, see you guys on the next video, um,

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