Nicole Fica Grávida E Diz Para Gustavo Que O Filho é Dele Mas Na Verdade é Do Médico/carinha De Anjo

And today, I brought something that could have happened in the face of an angel Nicole gives the belly blow and Gustavo She gets pregnant by the doctor. She stayed and tell Gustavo largos that she was pregnant with him. Author, Leonor Cornea could have written the following Nicole Escobar, stay with a doctor. When she returned to Brazil to tell Gustavo that she is pregnant with him since when the villain returns to Brazil, she realizes that it was hard to be cold with her and I felt that he wants to end. Their relationship since SBT, put betrayal that something very serious betrayal in her children's soap opera, they could also have put the belly blow for yes. The actress a human.

The character has gained more prominence in the soap opera, SBT could have used this. Even to have increased the soap opera, audience, which at that time was already low and was giving nine points. The theory could have happened. The moment she glues me. She gets furious when she realizes that Gustavo is cold with her.

She tells. Her mother, she wants to go away, For Brazil. As soon as she arrives in Brazil, she doesn't waste time and goes to Gustavo's house. The woman runs out and kisses a boy she's writing that he's cold with her and that he doesn't love her anymore. But she hides it a lot when she goes to kiss him and realizes that he is cold with her but continues resting at that moment, Dunce Maria appears in the living room and says to DE What had a very good Sunday.

More She ruined everything. The angel face tells Nicole. That her father and Cecilia had dinner together, because her angel face lies to Nicole said that she had dinner with Cecilia and Gustavo. But all this is a lie from the girl since Estefana and Victor were also at dinner at that moment, Nicole gets furious and asks Gustavo. If he likes the novice Gustavo shows, he is upset with his daughter and tells Nicole that we were together Estefana and Victor Gustavo can't stand to look at Nicole's face any longer and kicks her out of the apartment. He tells her that.They afterward will meet the two of us.

RSA Nicole leaves Furious from Gustavo Nicole's apartment at home Furious and tells her mother. Her brother that Gustavo is cold with her and will surely end their relationship Gustavo calls Nicole and makes an appointment at the restaurant. Nicole goes to the restaurant where Gustavo made an appointment with her. He is already seated. Nicole starts making plans for a future with Gustavo He is discouraged. She understands but tries to manipulate the boy who. Already has his own opinion of ending.

The relationship with her Nicole gets tired of doing that. She doesn't know anything and asks Gustavo why he has this ugly face with her Gustavo is sincere and tells Nicole that when he was at his worst He noticed, the people who are on his side. He is referring to the day. He was going through financial issues. Furthermore, he says to her here.

Furthermore, he noticed the people that he was on his side that day and that she was not on his side. Nicole said that she was not on his side for. That he was solving the problems of his mother, who was hospitalized, the woman tries to manipulate Gustavo, but he goes straight to the point Gustavo tells Nicole that he doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. He said, he already made the decision and decided to end the relationship between the two She says that he is being manipulated by Dunce Maria and sister.

Cecilia Gustavo told Nicole that he made this decision and that sister Cecilia and Dunce Maria don't have to do with it Nicole gets. Furious gets up from the table and tells Gustavo that he won't stay with anyone. The woman shows the viewers that Gustavo is in an abusive relationship and tells Gustavo if he doesn't stay with her. He won't be with anyone else she promises him that the two will still be together. Nicole leaves. The restaurant furious with Gustavo Nicole comes home, Furious and tells her mother.

Her brother that Gustavo broke up with her Nicole ends up getting angry with her mother who is crying, because she doesn't. Know how to go pay the debts Now A and B cry, desperately Rita Nicole, who tells her to stop Nicole is very angry with her sister, Cecilia and Dunce Maria. And her mind is irritated with her mother who does not stop crying. She thinks about what she is going to do from now on to try to win Gustavo over and make him change his mind. And ask you to come back, the woman gets angry again with her mother who is crying And. Then in this part, the theory begins that Nicole feels sick, reminding you that this. Will not happen in the soap opera, it's, just a theory since the soap opera is all recorded.

The woman goes to the room because she's feeling sick and lies in her bed. She feels very sick, but I don't understand the reason since she didn't eat anything that made you sick. She thinks she is sick, because of the stress she had with Gustavo the other day in the morning.

And he wakes up very sick and tells his mother that he does not know. The reason why he is so sick. She feels happy when his mother said. That he is, she could be pregnant. She said, it's, strange. Because in those days, she had no relationship with Gustavo since she was traveling, and it's been 3 weeks.

And the woman realizes that she may be pregnant with doctor Cairo. The woman gets worried to think she may be pregnant from the doctor that she gave Gustavo. The horn She tells her mother that she can't get pregnant with Doctor Trio, because he doesn't want to know more about her and will certainly reject the child, thinking it belongs to. Another man, Nicole walks back and forth and gets angry. She said that the only solution to do is to take the child away. And so Gustavo, doesn't know, and neither does doctor Trio She tells her mother that she doesn't want to be a single mother Nicole is very worried about her situation, Ah and gives Nicole an idea to invent for her Gustavo that this child is his.

So he will have to assume the child and marry her Nicole shoots and doesn't have a relationship with Gustavo. It's been weeks Play. And if. I'm really pregnant Gustavo will go shopping.

He will realize that the child is not his then de Says. This plan is perfect for Gustavo to think the child is his A and B sets up The, Perfect Plan for Gustavo to marry Nicole once. And for all there de tells Nicole to tell her Gustavo, who was already pregnant with him, It's been a month since she was going to tell him. He was arrested, Nicole tells her mother that she's, not that stupid to tell Nicole that she doesn't need to show tests to Gustavo that. She's pregnant, and if he asks it's, the fake an a and b, still convinces Nicole to make Gustavo feel guilty. What says, Nicole is to tell Gustavo that the day she went to his house.

She was going to tell that, but that she realized he was cold and still had the battery that invented that story. And he kicked her out Nicole asks her mother, if she is not pregnant. And now what is she doing to build her daughter, continue the lie and give her belly blow Nicole really likes the ideas? Her mother gives you. Nicole said that her mother is congratulations and that this plan is perfect. And that Gustavo will never suspect that she is not pregnant with him since every week. And she was in Brazil.

The two had a relationship Nicole tells her mother that this is one of the best Plano Perfect. She has ever seen since this can even manipulate Dunce Maria for having her brother. And the woman said that as soon as she marries Gustavo, it will end, right, Angel, Face, Then. It says that Nicole can give Finn Dunce Maria. But it has to be something very well planned because otherwise Gustavo can find out And.

Then he already saw it the other day in the morning, a and b, arrives at the pharmacy and tells his daughter that he went to buy a pregnancy test for her to find out if she is pregnant A and B says that the daughter is to be very quick and put it on your plans in action. So nothing goes wrong. Nicole takes the pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant by the doctor. She said, Gustavo will be in her hands. From now on there, she dedicates herself to Nicole to put her plans into action and call Gustav I go immediately. But it is very careful with her, not to say anything about the pregnancy, just send him to go there and dedicate it to Nicole to say that Gustavo is pregnant with him. Only when he gets there Nicole does what her mother told and calls Gustavo and super rude to Nicole says, he doesn't want anything to do with her Nicole tells Gustavo.

He has a very important matter to talk to him. Gustavo says, it's for her to stop being insistent. And Nicole said, Gustavo is supposed to go there to manipulate Gustavo and make him go at her house, Nicole gives advice to Gustavo. And there to say something about Dunce Maria. She pretends to be crying and says, it's something very significant Gustavo hangs up the cell phone in Nicolas's face who gets furious. The woman laughs Tell, her mother he's leaving since she put Dunce Maria's name in the middle Gustavo sends a message to Nicole saying, he's. Going to go there and find out what she just said this time, he won't regret.

It Nicole gets all dressed up when Gustavo arrives, she puts her plan into action and manipulates the horn and tells her daughter that she is wonderful, but that she needs to be very smart because Gustavo will surely ask you for a DNA test, The doorbell rings and Nicole goes out to answering, She comes face to face with Gustavo when she opens the door. And the woman says to Gustavo that she is very happy, because he. Came because what she has to say is something very important.

And if he didn't come, if she was going to raise, it alone, Gustavo gets suspicious. He enters and says to him Gustavo tells Nicole that he can't take long, because he has to go back to the office Nicole tells Gustavo that what she has to say will shock. Even her mother Nicole tells her mother. You remember that the day I was sick that I had spoken to Mrs A and B tells her daughter that she remembers this.

And that she asked me to look for a. Doctor, Nicole Tells, her mother to Gustavo that she went to the doctor and found out that she's pregnant That's, right? Gustavo. You understand I'm pregnant with you there to be shocked and shoot daughter.

A reason why she didn't tell you anything Nicole, Says, To mother to Gustavo that she's been pregnant for a month, then says to Gustavo for him to take responsibility and ask Nicole to marry him and marry her once and for all a and b leaves the sound for Gustavo to talk to Nicole in private Nicole. Tells Gustavo that she was going to say on the day of the engagement so that everyone would know that she was pregnant with him. But that can't go after that, she had to travel with her mother to take care of her health, Nicole tells Gustavo as soon as I arrived from Brazil I was going to tell you the truth is, but I realized you were cold to me, I'm, not silly Gustavo, I realized that you were going to break up with me that day. So I decided not to tell you the truth when you called my love to that.

Restaurant I was going to tell you the truth there I already told you that I was pregnant But. You were I was cold to me. And you told me those horrible things that I didn't care about you so Gustavo that's. Why I didn't tell you that I was pregnant Gustavo tells Nicole that yes, he will marry her Nicole tells Gustavo I, don't want anything forced Gustavo, I, don't want anything forced. If you don't want to marry me, you don't marry, and I don't want anything forced you have to marry me, because you love.I and not because you want to marry me, The important thing for me is my son of yours, the Cuban register, nothing more because he is your son, Gustavo says, calm down. We are going to get married. You will stay with me, I, promise Nicole that I will make you very happy.

I want my son and my daughter close to me and not separated from me living in another house, I always dreamed of giving Dunce Maria. A brother I didn't. Think you were the perfect woman any more than you are now. The mother of my son.

Nicole says, so when are we going to get married Gustavo, Gustavo Speaks soon I gave myself time to tell Dunce Maria from my family that you are pregnant. Give me time for Dunce Maria to understand that she is going to be a mother. And that this child is going to come out of her belly. Gustavo comes home and tells him that Nicole is pregnant with him and Estefana said, it is for him to do some DNA tests.

Father Gabriel said that Gustavo is supposed to take care of Nicole. Because that woman is worthless. Gustavo, defended, Nicole and says, he is going to marry her and that she would never lie to him about it.

Hi, Dunce, Maria, burial, moving discussion of the two brothers Gustavo screams Nicole is going to have a child of mine, Dunce Maria hears and runs away. The angel face goes to the room and Gustavo graces her daughter and tells her that she is going to have a brother Dunce Maria tells her father, no wants to have a brother coming from Nicole Dunce's belly, Maria asks, her father to take her to boarding. School because she wants to be with her sister, Cecilia and I made her vent to her when the angel face arrives at boarding school, it's night and go mother Cecilia is going to put her to sleep. She tells her sister Cecilia, here. There will be a brother coming from Nicole's belly. Sister Cecilia is saddened by the news, but does not show it to Dunce Maria and gives her advice Gustavo vents to Crisco is what Nicole is about she's pregnant with him, and he's going to have to marry her, even though he doesn't.

Love her Crisco says, friend that time is over you get married if you want you don't have to marry her. Only you take on the child and that's, it Gustavo says, it's best I marry her. So he can forget about Cecilia and Gustavo hits Nicole on the street. I told myself I was going to her house for the two of them to schedule, the wedding if this video reaches 1,000 likes I'm going to see part 2 of her wedding Gustavo and Nicole.

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