NCAA Football 14 UAB Blazers Dynasty- Year 5 Game 12 Vs Ole Miss Rebels

What's up guys, this is Simmons vengeance, and I'm back here with another NCAA football, 14, UAB, Blazers dynasty. And today, you're 11 and OH UAB Blazers are at home for the regular season finale against the Ole Miss, rebels, their five and five looking to go bowl-eligible, and we're looking to stay number one and possibly go to a national championship. So if you guys are excited for today's video, make sure you guys drop a like, and if you're new to the channel I'll hit the subscribe button down below for. More content like this I, try to put this on as much as I can I, try to upload daily that's. The goal that's, the mission to bring you guys, amazing content on a daily. So here we go take a look at their recruiting once again.

And you got a lot of good athletes coming to UAB next year. We got a 77 overall strong state to come in a new ad next year. And we also have a 76 corner.

This is going to be one of the best draft or the best recruiting classes. We think we've ever had at UAB and that's saying, Something prepared away with what we've had in the past where we've had Justin Kelly we're, also getting another sip strong safety at seventy-five overall. So he may have to switch some positions around and see where we can fit in some certain players we're looking at a 73 overalls free safety as well. So like I said, a lot of moving pieces are going to be coming around. Some guys may not be playing strong safety. Some players may not be playing there.

These are positions, but I want them to get playing. Time because I know they have potential so that's, the whole thing behind, why, you know some guy like Larry winters is 75. And then you got the 77 overall corner, you know, you never know, it's just something that you have to play around with so taking a look at the standings, the rankings we are number one with 39 first-place votes Texas right behind us at number two with 21 first-place books, just taking on Iowa State.

This week should be an easy win for them should be anyway. Boise State at number. Three, yeah, other notables in there like LSU and Alabama right next to each other at number six and seven got like Marshall, still in there, Central Michigan's now, and they're still back in the top 25 after they dropped a couple of games, West Virginia back in there at 23 and Indiana still in there number 25 after they lost to Michigan last week at number when they were number 13. So tough losses for Indiana State, a pretty good stretch, not gonna lie, but you know, it's nice to see a different team in. There so anyway, take a look at the conference standings now and a win would pretty much guarantee us. Well, we pretty much have the SEC title.

Well, the title game in our hands, even if we do lose I, think we still have it, so it's, all a matter of if South Carolina can come out on top. It looks like right now. We're going to face South Carolina. We have an outside chance to face Florida, but don't, hold your breath. There's going to be a lot of things that go on for that to happen. So either going to be South. Carolina, or for bet on South Carolina, take a look at the Heisman race, of course, Justin Kelly's on top of that list.

And we look for him to finish off his Heisman campaign with a solid game today. And like I said, one step closer, we're, getting really close to a national championship we're. Going to take a look at the 12 projections now and right now as it stands we're on pace to face number two Texas unless Texas or UAB loses within the next coming weeks should be a good game though I will see you guys. On the field and Ole Miss versus number one, UAB coming your way glad to have you with us in the studio I'm restatements, bringing you the EA, Sports, NCAA football, 14 pregame, show presented by Nissan innovation that excites the Blazers, our rain number one in the nation, but there's a big difference in being ranked number one now. And being ranked number one early in the sea Hurley in the season, you have a little of a stumble. If you figure everybody else is too. And you've got a chance to get back.

In the fight too late for that. Now, no margin for error, no room for misstep. If you want to finish on top that's, going to do it for us, you're on the three game, show n-c-double-a football, 14 action coming at you right now, Brad, Kessler and Kirk Herbstreit. And we are here at Legion Field. Once again, as the number one UAB Blazers are taking on the Ole Miss rebels, formerly known as Eli Manning's team.

Well, you also guys music players coming out of Ole Miss. And he also had the Julio Jones coming out of you , it's, a Joe Webb, remember him everybody. He started out to Thursday night games back in mind.

He was playing for the Vikings or whatever, I mean, uh, yeah, there are a couple of UAB players that with the NFL, but not as many as Ole Miss or like an Alabama or like, but we're, getting there we're getting there guys, three I think we had one player go to the NFL ever since this dynasty has started I think what was Chris Jones if I'm not mistaken Apple will -, but I know, it has a couple of NFL players. Guys. That started, and we look to add to that list soon enough, because I know, Justin Kelly could be on that list. We all know, Aaron, Dickson's got potential to be in yellow. We guy at the 20, you know, Jerry Lewis coming out and possibly going to the NFL next season. But anyway, third down and four here, here's, Kelly, dropping back to pass scrambling to his right getting it. Underneath the final Hill, but he's going nowhere.

He actually really guards and that's going to be bringing up fourth down. And the kick people. We come out what should I don't agree with a kick, and it's, actually so that's, that's, good thing that we got it out fast enough, so it's. Now, three, nothing UAD second down and 11 here is Fox. Dropping back to pass looks to his left side, it's caught by Tucker Trucker taking down at the 25-yard line picking up 19 yards. So fat Fox and that no huddle offense for Ole Miss could be a problem today.

But we got to stop it here's first and ten for Fox drop back looking to the right of you from Russell. We also. Get to shove down Gerald, Lewis, Biogen picks up 14 yards. So third down an inch here and see if they can pick up another first down to keep the drive alive. Well, here we go. They got the running back in motion, put the deepens tearing some poison right there at the point of attack, good jump, good anticipation, right there for the parents, the boy first down.

So the kick is up for Ole Miss. And it is boy that one was a long field goal attempt that was probably like from 53 54 yards out, and it's. Now, tied.

At three here's Kelly, dropping back on third and four, look at Brian Green, go out and get it third down, an 11 though could I keep that drive alive. Let's, see if Kelly can bring his office back and see what we could do Kelly drops back to pass looking over the middle it's, almost picked off. And luckily, there, we mean, we probably going to hit Brian green down the sideline now that I look at it, but we'll never know if we convert that straight down, they did as well.

So Brian Fox in the offense for Ole. Miss goes back to the sidelines. And now we're back on off let's toss sweep to the right for Aaron.

Hicks he's got the speed, and he's got the first he gets levelled there, but gets the first taking some big hits early on. This is a pretty nitty-gritty game doing so far, and we're looking to at least break it opens. You see Aaron Hicks to the left side, get that first down picking up, 15 yards on the run.

And he has 9 carries for 47 yards. So later, on third and 2, Matt Ford in the game. This time he's. Gonna take the handoff up the gut first down, and any get tries to get more, but not going to get not going to get much further than that, but we'll take it. Anyway, third and 5 here for UAB as they got Kelly, changing up the play job back pass, looking left side, cuff, McDonald, Hills cuts back inside and finds the end zone, touchdown blazer, just out 10 to 3 nearing halftime, hopefully we can extend this to just a little more Fox, dropping back pass. And it feels a lot of balance.

So it's going to be bringing a. Fourth down, UAB gets the ball back with plenty of time left on the clock. But here comes Justin Jordan after Justin, Kelly I came to say, the name of the quarterback. He put up Jordan on the plane and let's see what he could do here on the second attendant let's, see you stop Brian Kelly, not Brian, Kelly, Jesse, Kelly and he's messing up my name all over the place today, the end results. But here comes Kelly back in the game as Jordan did his job to get his team down the field here comes Donald Hills and. That is going to bring up a GA. You touched. It Justin Kelly continues to be a great quarterback.

And now it's 17 3 as we go into the third quarter here, we're nearing the third quarter, but here's third down and three let's see if they get us going on here, I need it I need to get my backpack to get it we're. Beginning. The second half deep breaths in deep breath, whoa. Alright, here we go. They're going to attempt the field goal right here to try and bring it within 11 points.

The kick is up, and it is good. So. They have made some pretty long field goal, attempts in this game to at least get on the board, you know, they haven't been able to get much today, but I mean, something they bet they don't get much. They got something, but do they have done they have enough, no that's. The thing do they have enough to get a touchdown in this game because so far the team.

So what I have seen little - they don't have? But then again, our deepest is too fast, too furious. And we make another third down, stop here's first and.

Tenth here as Kelly hands, it off to Aaron Hicks on the counter counterpoise, working beautifully. Look at that run by Aaron Hicks as he picked up 17 yards on first down, 13 carries 70 yards for Aaron Hicks third and six Kelly drops back to pass scrambling immediately, throws it off to Doug Nash dunk that makes a guy missile. A joke, ooh, that was nasty. First James, Doug, Nash, six catches 108 yards. Second down to 2 here handed off to Aaron Hicks up the gut gets it up to the first three yards is all he.

Needs, but hey, that's, all we needed that for him in as well. So 15 carries 76 yards. Now at Forum he's, nearing a hundred yards, nearing a thousand yards on the season, but we do list a third down conversion right there. But great defense understands we are at enemy territory, we're, not quite enviable rage. It's, what we're going to go for it here on 4th and 11 Kelly Josh, go back to pass friendly, try to find somebody open. It is going to be Brian Green first down picking up 13 on the play.

And that keeps the. Drive alive 110 left. This game has been very low-scoring as far as you know, how are you using drops about 40 points taken? But hey, I mean, we're getting the job done that's all that really matters we're running the ball. Well, we're passing the ball.

Well, you know, we're doing everything. Well on offense, so I, can't even complain. We get another touchdown right there from Justin Kelly making it 24 to 6.

This game is getting a little out of hand. We've pretty much been in control for this entire game.Outside, you know, the earlier parts of the game when we're trying to figure them out, but other than that we've been pretty good on offense and on defense. But right there we give up a big, 27, yard, run, expensive, Brown, they're going to hurry up to the line here. And with 45 seconds left in the third quarter, they're, changing out the play they're, getting ready for a deep pass play looks like. So here is Fox drop back to pass throwing it deep.

Oh, my god he's wide, open touchdown, Ole, Miss, 48 yards for Kevin. Caldwell and it's now, 28 30 or 20 for 13 as we're nearing the fourth quarter, that was a big blow to the depot. Hey, we did not come prepared on that one I'm like, oh, my god, he's wide open. But you know what it happens. It's football.

So here we go third down and 10 here in the fourth quarter, we get this one off the Thurman Knox, first, touchdown, 16 yards and keeping them change of woman. That's all we need to do. Now we need to wind down the clock, you know, kind of separate ourselves from the competition. And the victory was shall be ours.

So here we go again, first and 10, the 36-yard line here is Kelly dropped back to pass looking all over the middle it's getting her. This done the max first down inside the red zone. Now me Christina a 14-yard line, very nice play.

First in 10 from the 14th Kelly in the shotgun, trying to be this first down trying to get this one over the middle James Hester junior down to the wide like the one-inch line, that's, not even fair. You might as well just give it to him come on. Dean just give it to him. He hasn't even got that touchdown, yet this year just give it to lose touchdown UAB after the little Kelly scrambling 31:13 here. This one pretty much looking like it's over they're going to go for a screen pass and Marcus one of these right there, putting the pick and that one is going to be taken to the house, 38, 13 and UAB looks like they've gained full control. And with about three minutes to go here in the game, they got there, no huddle offense going here as they're nearing. Like they're going to get ready to score?

Can they don't know who knows kill it? Our Fox dropping back it's caught, but tip drill. Interception as John banks is right there to grab it as that ends up being a 38 13 UAB victory. We ran the clock out while we know once again, boys 12 ago once again, nice to see that feeling come back. And we can Co in the SEC championship game against either South Carolina to Florida like I said, I would put my money on South Carolina, because they got the advantage. And they. Already beat Florida this year.

So it looks like we're going to be taking on South Carolina in the SEC championship game. It's going to be good, though it's going to be real good. Give me a good old SEC clash between two, high-powered, odd, offenses and defenses.

So anyway, guys. Thank you guys so much for watching today's video. If you guys enjoyed drop a like, and if you're new to the channel at all hit that subscribe button down below for more content like this, but until the SEC championship game, I'm civil. Defense and I am out ace.

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