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Like Crocodile Dundee, well that they don't hit me Oh are we doing something bad I've, never seen anything like this hey, guys, this is monster, Mike and you're, watching monster, Mike fishing. So Mike, you want to announce the winner of the last trivia question, yep, tell them what they want. They won a Mighty Mite rod with a Shimano FX. And who might that winner be big bass Andy.

You are the winner. You got all the answers right? So congratulations, big bass, Andy, hey, I'm going to DM you get your information and. We'll get this shipped out as soon as possible. Hey granulations, hey, this is. This is going to catch you a big fish.

We got this magnet holds up to 500 pounds. I, don't know where we're at there's nobody here if you're quiet, you could hear the crickets all right. So look. So we got a rewind. Okay, rewind, Brian, ordered. A 500-pound magnet it's taking some time in the last magnet fishing.

Video, magnificent, we lost my magnet. So I had to buy a new one. He had to order another magnet. So I did this one right?. Here, it's here, it came in the mail, five hundred pounds as opposed to the 250 pounds. I didn't, bring him on a night, like, you know how when it's Christmas, and you're anxious to open up some friends, who would you put it there?

It is magnet all right, boom. All right. So it's, actually, the opposite it's all red locker time. When we were magnet fishing, the screws came loose and the magnet guys, if you want to purchase this magnet, we will have a link in the description know, it's in the description below down.

Below check it out check it out, hey, guys, we're in an area. We don't know what we're going to get. So this is going to be. Okay. But anyway show him how we put these magnets again, sweet and um, I don't have to cut the tip I. Think for just the tip I'm, going to put some of this on the screws. So when we screw it, it should, oh it shows on my phone.

Okay, that's my super and that's. My that's my camera. This is like magnets, superglue. Correct? Yes. Snip, snip just the tip. Actually it prevents the threads from coming.

Out here we go. Okay, you are a slide a screw into hole. And then you, oh, that was an easy. Screw bumper. And then this is when you screw it.

This is where the Locate comes in make sure you screw it tight, even though a lot of you anglers out there, you don't have those guns like we do, and I'm saying, show a little something. Yeah, yeah. I'm going to do the honors of the not since my not in the first video was good I. Did it quick? But it legit can't pull this without hurting each other like tug, O'war like toggle. War, but there's no winner, you know, then you want before we really do it I'll, make sure it's?

Good, yeah, but for right, let's, get it's. Good enough. Alright, so guys we're going to magnet fish, but we're going to catch some fish first guy stage in the going blink. Hope you enjoyed the show right.

This is my first time ever witnessing a small mouth. So between the Lord, this is the difference between a small-caliber plate. This is the difference between a small mouth and a large and off the small mouth has a small.

Mouth and a large mouth on the large mouth, you can put them back. Okay, let's. Go. Oh, yeah, I've seen that one before there's, a salty guy. And for those of you who try and say, Stan, alligator, yeah, them.

You're. Not a chocolate dessert. Okay, you know, dessert that's a chocolate dessert right?

There? Guys? You know, there's, a 10-foot Gator, I think, that's. The one that took my bass. Look at this. This is saltwater on this side, that's, a croc right there. You could tell the difference because you see how the back is.

And the head is shaped different and these you can't see from here, but the way the teeth are in the snout and the eyes you could tell the difference it's, a gecko dial bear hook bear. Okay. I got this exotic from the saltwater side, which by the croc I'm going to wash him out for some bigger fish, put them in the bucket leave in South America small mouth. This smallmouth got a nice collar.

These are Miami. Ditch pickles, what's up. Peter Miller. My Mead is pickle life took you by Bob Barracuda. He cut. You off I got this long thing with uh with some teeth.

Look guys comment below if you know, the name of this fish got him, look at the teeth. Look at the teeth. You know, who's, very good at catching these things black tip Beach is good at catching these things. He always he does some episodes with these fish I'm, always like, oh, I want to catch one of those when I grow up I'm all grown up hiding growing.

This cousin stole my bass all right guys. So we're done with our fishing adventure, and we're going to get. The magnet outs. So yeah, I mean today was yeah. Today was about magnet fishing, but can't resist when you see, you know, some creatures you know swimming in the water. You know, you got a few rods in the car got to get him out. We got to catch some fish.

So we caught some fish. Hey, stay tuned. Something took one of my fish Oh something ain't his fish, and I was like what is? Wow, that's. A big alligator goes. Look at alligator it's. A big alligator raise up watch out Mike that thing's going to eat you.

You know, they're. Vicious when they got the stripes on their tail, all right, let's, see if we can get something over here? What do you get now I have no idea all right? So we got it look like, ya know, I, don't know what that is some type of tools and stuff get there Matt. It may be like a little like maybe some wire fencing, or some of those look I. Don't know, hey, I mean, every day you can't catch something cool, you know, the last episode of the magnet fishing I had got a bike and stuff, but you know, I'm saying.

Maybe the next time we go magnet fishing will go like to some other different areas. Oh, shoot row. Oh, let me get down I almost ate it. But what I was saying was, you know, maybe the next time we'll catch something big? Oh, that looks like a slim Jim. So you know, it's a saw blade.

Yeah, oh. What is this is my first time seeing this object, let me know, oh man, he's swinging that thing late like Crocodile, Dundee. Well that thing don't hit me Nick Haines. What kind of book is.This is a warm book like that's on Mars man, hey, guys, comment below if I should catch a fish with this rusty hook, I'll, try it I'll. Try to do it. Possibly in the next video, let me know guys off we're thinking about doing it. Also, a DIY video.

Let us know I'm what you want me and Brian to make, and we'll, we'll make it. Even if it's a fish trap, a lure comment below we're going to make a DIY some even if it's a DIY boat who wants to see me on a boat, we're going to make a boat, hey, we're, a make a boat on with. Styrofoam and just float Nova salt water, go out deep sharks, they're, not ready for that one. But comment below let us know if you are.

So if you guys were wondering last time, I did the most of the throwing with the magnet lost it. He bought another one ordered. If Is said, look, it's in your hands today. What there's a whole whistle? Oh, no - results all whistle it's old with guys. Oh, wait, wait, wait come all the GoPro cuts can you blow out of it?

Wait so are you that's? Awesome I wonder, what referee got tired. Of their job and threw it over a little dang, you had something big what is all that what okay? Oh, hey is that what is that that's a lug nut? Oh, hey, watch out. Hey, watch out you're going to have to get a technic shot is that like a bolt from someone's wheel.

Yeah, oh, this entire thing that's long. And we got a little spring is there's, no ring or anything on there, like no 14k I'm, trying to try to pay my cell phone bill trying to pawn something, oh, into. Alright, well, let's, uh, let's. Take all this off.

And throw it again, fish on Mike. What happened? Oh, my gosh, guys, guys, Brian just taken a bath and a big dinosaur. What was what happened? A gator or something Oh?

Oh, my god, guys. This is the craziest day ever look at this. We can't even really enough, where am I we can't even land fish with?

Oh, bro I had to run and get the camera I. Never? So all of a sudden he was reeling in a fish, boom. What this is it? Yes, Oh bro, I thought, you know, bro, you had a good fish on and then look Oh. Guys.

This is I. Never seen. Anything like this, oh, my Brian craziest day ever biggest thing I've ever kind o. The Everglades guys, oh boy.

Look at this I wish. A fish was doing this instead. Alright, guys. So we're just gonna just get them tireder until it pops.

But I don't, wow, not don't break your ride bro. Oh, my. This is a blade really going to lure open it. Good I thought it was like a little 1-pound. Yeah, this is crazy.

These are like these are like dinosaurs out here. Yeah, guys. Hope you enjoyed this we're trying to get our hook back. We. Know how many hooks trying to get our hook back Wow insanely did not want me to mean, I've seen a lot of things happen. But man, a crazy, crazy.

So guys, I hope you saw that he came up. Well, you miss when he attacked his bass, but man that was a monster I'm like what time is if it's time for trivia, truly, truly, truly it's. Trivia time. All right so crazy day today, can't bring some of that stuff happen.

Yeah, but uh, it is trivia time like so woods. I, guess? So, ok.

So in this video, how many big reptiles did we. See and how many fish did we catch comment, your answers below the winner will be shouted out in our next video. Good luck.

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