Lima Peru - Not Like I Expected

All right we're in Peru we're in Lima today. Tonight just flew in a little mate first time in crew, and we're, really just gonna really just gonna check out Lima I'm, not going to try to do too much just get to know the city, so we're in Lima Peru. But we are not in the tourist area. Most recently completed a go directly to Flores on something right. We are in pieces Maria, which is more of a middle-class normal very central neighborhood, looking for Clarice's. Once I tend to like to stay outside there's.

A big tourist area and then go into that area when I want to rather than being stuck in there, all the time better see the real city. And the other big reason is my wife's got a conference training that she's doing to you that's in this neighborhood, and he wanted to stay close. So it'll be here for a few days after she finishes, but that we may explore outside of Lima a little, maybe don't hold me to that, because I kind of like to travel in depth and slow I don't like to rush from one. Thing to another, so we might just stay in Lima the whole time and get them another city as well as we can in the week that we've got here. So here we go. So as usual, the first place we've stopped to eat in the night because there's a beauty attics lower waiting for our de Mercado snacking on something that we really should be eating with it, but hockey.

The hot sauce is amazing, super spicy. So that's, a little corn dish is something that we really should be eating with a ceviche bed. Yeah.

So this to be. Cheese a little different from ceviche cheese. We've had before aren't. We already knew that improving ceviche was different from Ecuadorian ceviche, not sure if it's just because we're here, right when they open, but the fish hasn't soaked in the lemon, a very long time, it's, a's, almost more like a sushi. Notice Avicii he's got a little bit of the lemon cooking reaction on the outside, but it's still pretty raw it's. Not bad. See what just happened to us.

We there we just saved that little. Yellow peppers in the city I like spicy food bit, oh, my god, we're diet. You know, you want a bad one, which mean I, don't know what that is.

So we actually caused a little trouble recording as we were walking around a lot of these little businesses did not want people taking any video and I guess something to do with the government or people spying on them or causing trouble for them. But they thought we were something other than tourists. One of the things we're noticing is just how calm and safe. It is.

Here in the park, it's 11 o'clock at night on Thursday, women it's just Maria neighborhood, there's a couple different churches and parts here, but we're like right behind one Grande Cathedral right behind us. Big church. I guess is for them to say in English.

So yeah, it's an it's really safe here. Surprising its, not that you wouldn't be safe at 11 o'clock at night and in a park in Ecuador, so it's mixed there are places that would be okay, there are places that definitely aren't really depends on what town. You're in, but you couldn't do this in big park in central late at night, it would get sketchy, and I hear there are families out there's people playing with the kids it's, real calm sexy. Nice day to day, two in Lima right now.

I am walking from my Beria neighborhood district, whatever you want to call it to the tourist area of Miraflores. So it's about an hour walk away, and I know that because I downloaded the offline version of Google Maps I'm into the Google Maps and downloaded this Italy myself, even. When I'm offline I can figure out where I am and where I'm going we'll, see Lamas fascinating city.

So far, it's, not it's, not perfect. Traffic is bad it's. Hot, it's, 12 o'clock right now. It's noon, and I've got some luck on, but I can feel it's not really cutting if it's, a Sun intense comparing it to Ecuador, bring it to Quito where I live. There are some things that are better like I want to go across the street, which I'm I'm chilling right now. Traffic weights like the cars will wait when you. Cross the seat, they won't just run you over, which is really cool, it's really cool to have a little more respect and culture from traffic.

But there are some other things that are a little they're. A little hard to handle I'm Lima is more expensive than Quito. And if some food is better or worse, these ghosts just had some sort of disaster. Yeah, they dropped a bunch of every once in a while you're, just in the right place at the right time. Right there?

Okay, where was I before. That distraction, all right so the food, the coming the food in Lima, okay. So there's its, a lot more seafood, oriented, but it's a lot more Chinese and Japanese there's. A lot more a lot more soy sauce a lot more salt it's, a more international sort of flavor. Man, this is hard see to get across. Okay.

So it's a lot more it's, not a traditional Andean style, coming in Lima. Now, I've only been here two days a few days. So don't, chew my ass off right like don't get all mad at me because I haven't had enough. Time here to really know, but this is my first impression, I didn't, you know, I, couldn't in Lima, I'm, sorry, sorry to all you Peruvians. But the AJI ii of polio, the minister it's just there's something a little more natural and a little more effeminate.

Of course, ton of , soy sauce in it. And some food coloring so that's, my impression of the food on date. You give me time, it's going to change. So as I walk around the city, I know, this there are fewer little shops in every neighborhood than.

There are in typical cities in Ecuador it's, a's got a feel that's a little more North, American, it's, a yeah, it's a car city, not a walking City like almost any neighborhood you're in any city in Ecuador. You walk out the door. You've got restaurants, little CN DES even shopping malls within walking distance. And this city it's its more apartment. After a pregnant after apartment long blocks with, you know, maybe a few little shops, but more than you would have in the US, but not what I'm used to. This is a less walkable city and certainly Ito Ecuador, certainly most of the cities have used to in Ecuador. So a little more than halfway through my walk is said to just hang out under a tree in the San Ysidro park.

Take a little break, possibly take a little nap in the shade. This is something I do in Quito like the parks they're, pretty nice and yeah, I could just chill out under a tree and apart from Quito. But in most of the other cities in Ecuador I would find a couple of reasons one I feel really. Safe here, the other is and there's, no mosquitoes for being like a warm coastal city near the equator I've had no mosquito bites.

I've had no fly bite. So nothing is Becky clearly so that's cool I, don't know if it's that the real consistent ocean breezes are just kind of moving all the insects out, or it's because it's kind of a dry city or wet. But a real pleasant definitely goes in the pro category for Lima.

So this is Inca Plaza I would call this. Tourist central in Lima is in the banner hatch, I don't. Know why I don't remember to bring a hat with me, but I was getting sunburned.

So now to add to my collection, I got a Peru hat for a tourist market, it's actually, really laid back it's, actually, not bad really well, I walked all the way from his sous Maria to Miraflores I, decided to take a taxi back, and I did exactly what you're told not to do as a tourist like usual. I broke all the rules and I got away with it. I took a little collective pirate taxi.

Instead of a normal taxi price between the two. Locations, 15 SOLAR that was forceful is because I should be collective actually, really nice. Venezuelan guy. I had a great conversation, got his contact info. So that on a future date, if I want to have a private driver show me around a little I can guy was cool.

So I, yeah, don't always heed, the warnings and the advice sometimes it's best just to go with it and address the things will work out. I mean, I kind of be lucky, but I don't live life. Scared. Take a pirate taxi. Every once in a while we're hitting. From the neighborhood, we had been staying in from the past few days, he's just Maria over to Miraflores, which is really the tourist neighborhood. We've got two days left in Lima two and a half days something like that.

So we wanted to actually spend a little time experiencing those two side of things, rather than just a normal middle-class neighborhood price for the taxi between the two is 15. So lets can say consistently that's a more than maybe 50 something like that. So I've been waiting for this. I've actually been trying to find code Tories here. It is rococo.

Peppers are my favorite, absolute favorite peppers. And we found it can't, wait to dig in I'll tell you how it is. Yeah, it was good. This was a caf in the pause that we had to create ricotta me. It was actually a little difficult to get from the city of Lima down to the waterfront, kind of long walk Lamas, got a lot of going for it, but it could definitely do a lot more work on the waterfront there's, a little dirty down there. The. Water didn't seem that clean.

And there weren't a lot of services to win a lot of restaurants, which is hard to access and not as nice as I expected, considering the rest of the city. So I mentioned previously how safe a fountain EMMA at least in the better neighborhoods. I would say this is one of the big reasons why the airport, you know that was our weekend. Obviously, there was a lot that we missed I, got sick a little middle of the week. So I wasn't as active and hitting the tourist sites as I. Would have liked to have been sorry about that. But also this was just kind of the first taste, and I was kind of comparing in my mind, the whole time Lima versus Quito because I'm much more familiar with Quito and a little more comfortable there, because it spent so much time there Lamas got a lot of going for if it's more modern, it's, more organized than Quito I.

Think most tourists most people would probably prefer in Lima over Quito me, I, didn't, I like a little cooler climate. So Kit's climates, A little better for me and I like the food as I mentioned previously in Quito, a bit more than I'm, not a big fan of soy sauce there's, a lot of, but a fusion Asian cooking going on in you that didn't appeal to me that much anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video I, definitely enjoyed making it. And if you like videos like these, please remember to Like and subscribe.

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