Hi okay, snowagumon, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh, Good morning. My children before the juxtaposition starts to light up. We pray a matter of each second stage start Okay.

Thank you. Good. Good for today. Well. We will learn about the types of software used in Civil Engineering or majors.IPB, Hi, good in advance maybe Hey, because someone already knows some types of applications that are in use were taken down all of a sudden Okay for this time.

This fact will explain about the types of Hi software Hi there. Focus on drawing. So in this first meeting I will explain about a special software or software for good drawing and try to pay attention to substance services or PowerPoint, the following are the types of software. So in some software that is often used in the construction world, including in Indonesia, there are some software used, The first one is authored, There is 3D tattoo. 3D studio, Max, late-a, At, the end of Rabbit as a soap opera, You have to skate, There is Google Ketchup, There is an. Architect, there is a studio artist, There is Ego.

Taros. There are tips, There are weekend architects and Union. These are some software used in the Civil Engineering world., Well, let's, try to review one by one.

So here, If you pay attention, the first is OK AutoCAD is a CAD computer software for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional drawing developed by Autodesk. Let's say that the authority of this autovet met is very, very time. If we pay attention there that an entire person is the most. Widely used cad software by interior designers and others. Hi, This is an authored, The version is very, very correct, I will tell you a little about AutoCAD because for now, what we often use for drawing in dimensions, We know the next, okay, one or the cloud about little by little. Here.

The second is the format of Door Yes, it's, more unpopular, There are formats available. Maybe you need to interchange. The format Okay, XL has become the de facto standard for data.

Lately. Okay, also supports WWF. Then the format published and promoted is attacked, or typically we usually prefer Hi, This is an example of an AutoCAD drawing]. This is software or the display occurs. This pocket can be stopped there for two dimensions or for the richest. The title of the map forgot eruption called 3D Max is another form of Autodesk, which is widely used throughout the animation world, Both architectural animation can be free, The film becomes smaller or more flexible, not only for pictures, but also for films or.

Complexes, but this is also the same. This also requires medium, hardware. Hi, This is an example of using only an example of a distro image, No one has a name, The name of the specification is also used for these 3 also the same as or can be said as a plantation n from paint and Trinidad. It looks the same, It can be 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional at the same time. This is even better sad.

What is the name of the plan later, apart from two dimensions, It will be shown in real Three dimensions, There is a house, This is an example of the slogan you can see on the right because there is the fourth one, There is a flow of skates, This is already, But for the problem, this system is still far different from the heart of tomorrow's. Flagship BEB is widely used because the dimensional sustenance is in accordance with high standards throughout Indonesia. If they prefer products that do not have dimensional facilities in large-scale Usually, What is often used is like this, you share an example. Of a drawing from the 50th architect. Well, stupid Google is no less productive than some of the city's temples.

This city also has Buddhist facilities for sustenance or often called Deed, which provides several Deed libraries that come from car users. S, This file bike, which will be in addition to paint for 3G, which is three-dimensional, One of which is Google, The sketch is big, There is a real form of the fifth swimming. CAA is typically the sixth, There is an architect save. But in terms.

Of ease of use, objects are said to be relatively young, but the rendering results are still not good compared to Autodesk products, the users want it to be simpler. And there are not many commands that must be entered in the facilities. Atlantic Studio products, Hi, The tushes program is almost like Google sketches, but is superior to the rendering problem of Roman.

If we have to use meat or good land to produce good renderings, but Bermuda doesn't have to use it anymore. Because Atlantis itself is. A software model as well as rendering, yes, it's real, you know, The 8th n is from nor shore Reno, zeros, bookmobile, Dream This is used by architectural companies and to make building designs that are leather. Here. The battery doesn't have an example, So it can be a task to find the Rest, no receipt software to the trio Soros map, What will it be like, The next day The ninth is a new revolution that has several advantages compared to other application, programs, namely analysis modeling activities. And structural design that are more set in.

Now, This program is not only for getting to know, but also for calculating caps since Be sari HAI, This will also be made later, Sir, later, there are rhinoceros and techniques, Please, look for them on the internet. Later, try the results, you can upload them on Google. Labrum.

There is an application that is used to get money. The point is this software is with tools that we can see there are Hi, And finally, there is Union fiction. Hi passable is a. Visualization tool for retail, m, making Jackie Chan films is still early anti-tank. And your design can also provide animation or animation quite well, offers excellent lines combined with a fast and efficient workflow, time, effort and money for that. Usually he tends to Andre. The results are more real-time.

For example, the results of Union Okay so that's, some software that we will study and use, maybe one program at the end of the next meeting. Or the second meeting later, I will explain about. Software which is there specifically for calculating structures more than this first we learn some software for drawing Admit already exists. Gas is more beautiful, A bandage is sought for a salary and discussed with the dead group, The group is divided by itself. And the results can be uploaded in Google Classroom, So yeah, on the third day, we will practice how to install one of the pieces of software that we have learned, The first is software, d, racing later, we try to install AutoCAD later, the girlfriend. Will also give the beat Hi. The second one later we will try to install Sharp Oh the software at that time tomorrow or the rest I will explain model or software to calculate the cover That's enough for album warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

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