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What's going on everyone it's, Alex I'm back here. My garage tonight had an awesome Easter with the family. So tonight I wanted to finally install my new steering wheel. Sure you've all been waiting for it, I posted the unboxing video a while ago, but tonight we're, finally going to be installing the new wheel on to gee I don't may seem like a daunting task to some you know removing the steering wheel, which includes removing the airbag, but I've done on many vehicles.

And as long as you're safe. About removing the airbag and handling it. You won't have any issues all right. So that's, nothing me talking so let's get started.

So we can get this wheel installed. So first thing you're going to have to do when you're removing the airbag is you're going to want to remove the negative terminal from the battery, so you're going to move this terminal from the battery and just tuck it off to the side. And then what I do is I depress, the brake pedal just to make sure that the system drains up all. The the power and just to be safe I, usually let it sit for about 10-15 minutes, just to, you know, make sure that everything is drained from the system.

Then we can move on and remove the airbag. So now, with the negative battery cable removed, you have to remove a cover on this side and the same on the other side, and they cover Torn bolts and that's how you have to remove the airbag all right. So I hope you can see this. The light is kind of limited on the side here, but that's. The bolt you. Have to move on the left and the right side, it's, a t30 it's, a Torn bit. One thing to know is that it's a security or safety Torn, whichever you want to call it.

So the bit that you're going to buy it has a little hole in the middle, because the actual bolt has a little post in the middle all right. So then once you get your t30 safety Torn bit, you can remove these two bolts again, on the left and the right side and that's what's going to allow you to pull your airbag out all right. So now there's, two. Bolts removed you can go ahead and pull the airbag off both happen to fall. When you take them out, they fall down into the trim area.

Don't worry, you'll, be able to get them out once the airbag comes out all right. So the airbag just comes out here just kind of work it out with your fingers, just be careful and safe one when you're handling it. Nothing will happen. So these little clips are the next thing that take off I kind of pride. This one up a little of ready, sir need something real tiny to.

Get in this groove here and here and pop this black piece up then once this piece comes up, and then the lead comes off and your airbag is free. So this is what it looks like once the airbag is removed. You got your two leads here just make sure it's out of this black little guide here.

Now you can remove this nut, and you're going to disconnect this plug here, and then this whole wheel assembly will come off. And now your bolts off the wheel should come off fairly easy, make sure your leaf don't get. Hung up, and now you have the wheel free all right. So the wheel is off. Now that that is off, we can work with it outside the car. We have to remove the plastic trim and the audio and cruise control button.

So that we can put on a new wheel. So what I'm referring to is we remove this trim piece, and then this black plastic trim piece. So the first thing we want to do is remove these two bolts here there, t for t, then this metal piece will come loose. And then we can get to this trim piece or move. That you can disconnect this plug here. So this metal piece is free. There are two little springs that go under it.

So just keep those and set them off to the side all right. So now you have your metal ring off. You can go ahead and release the black trim piece, it's held on by four clips there's one there, one there it's underneath the UH plug there one there and one there. And then once you remove that this trim piece will come off. Alright, so now we have the trim piece removed. Now we want to remove. All these controls here and to do that you flip it over you're going to remove three screws, there's, one on the bottom, one up top here and then same on the other side, and then that will pull through the front.

And once those screws are removed your controls also are removed I'm also going to remove what looks like a little rubber damper here, it's, not on the new wheel. So I'm going to move it with these two screws, and we'll play some a new wheel. Something that's important to note for when. You reinstall, the wheel is that groove that's above the splines that lines up with a groove on the steering shaft. And that makes sure that the splines line up correctly that your wheel isn't crooked all right. So now that the OEM wheel is all disassembled. You can put them side by side and take a look at the differences.

One of the main differences is the flat bottom on the redline goods, also there's more contours and padding for your hands, compared to the stock one. You can see the quality of. Different this is just like a hard leather rubber, you know, some type of product.

And this is the know, more quality, leather it's perforated in this area. And in my opinion is just a overall better, looking wheel. Alright, so now that all the components are disassembles from the OEM wheel. We need to put everything back together in the opposite order on the new wheel. And then finally place that in the car and get that finished up install and last, but not the least make sure you don't, forget to upload.

This clip back in there and tuck this little cable and where it goes all right. So now the wheels all back together. You have your controls on there. You have the trim piece back on. And this metal ring is tightened back in. So everything fits really nicely, no gaps or anything like that.

So now it's time to put it back in the car, all right, so we're back in the car, you have your wheel. Ready to go back on make sure you don't turn. This o'clock spring. These white post has to be up top. So that. Everything goes back on straight. These two leads go through the back through the middle hole here on the bottom of the wheel again, make sure your o'clock spring is straight.

And then you just push the wheel back on and that's it. So now that the wheels back on just make sure you tuck. Your two leads back under the guide in there, just like that and make sure to plug your clip back in this will make sure that your controls work. Now actually to put the nut back on I'm going to use some blue locate. So. Just apply some blue locate to here, and then you can thread your not back on and just work.

It down has to be pretty tight, but nothing crazy now just clip your horn, the air back, back on it's color, coordinated the clips just slide right in and then push the black clip back down do the same for the orange so that's hooked up. Now you can just slide it back in like this. Now, the airbag and hornets back installed. You can put these two little t30 screws back in one on each side, I also like to apply. Loctite to these threads as well since that's, pulling your airbag on to work those down, and you'll be all set and last, but not least reinstall your negative battery terminal all right so here are the wheels all installed it looks super, perfect, it's simple. But yet it looks very nice, especially with the perforations matching the perforations on the seat it's, a nice, clean quality piece and the quality this wheel.

Just is no comparison to the stock one. The leather is nicer it's, a nicer style, it's. More sporty, I, just I'm really, really happy with the way it came out. Alright, that's it.

The wheel install is complete. It was super easy like I said, just have to be careful at the airbag. And then when you remove the trim pieces and the audio cruise control from the old steering wheel, it's, pretty much just like a puzzle that goes back it's. Pretty straightforward, just make sure you remember where all the pieces go and everything just goes back the way it should. So needless to say, I, can't, wait to try. Out the steering wheel and see how it is and has seen how it feels while driving.

It looks really, really good, it's, nice, clean and simple. It really accents the interior well and matches well with it. So I, hope, this little installs DIY type video helps you if you're trying to remove your steering wheel for any reason whether you're putting a new one on, or if you're a lot of people repaint that plastic trim, because it gets kind of scratched up, but either way it's the same way to remove.

And then. Reinstall the wheel. So I, really hope this video helps if you have any questions, please drop a comment or question down below be sure to answer anything you post, also remember anytime that you disconnect.

The battery cables you have to reset the window switches. So I'll put a link-up here from my other video to show you how to do that. So far I'm, really impressed the quality of this red line, goods, wheel, I, can't, wait to try it out while driving if you'd like I'll post, the link to their website in the. Description if you click on that link, you can save 5% on your order. They don't only sell steering wheels.

They also sell boots, other trim pieces. And if you don't want to pay the full price for a whole steering wheel, they can do custom covers for you. You can wrap your stock steering wheel. If you still want that custom look so click on that link, check out their products, and you can save 5% on your entire order. Alright? So like I said, I hope, this installs video helped you in some way, please. Leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, or if it did help you and also drop a comment, if you have any questions anything to say, you know, I'm looking to hear your opinions on the wheel.

What you think if you haven't already, please press, the subscribe button also turn on those notifications for the channel. And as always a big shout-out. Thank you to my current viewers and subscribers I, really appreciate it. So I, hope, you guys all enjoy the rest of your DES, and I'll see you next time.

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