I Tried Recreating Lil Huddy’s Eyebrow Slit I Shop My Stash

I've been seeing this trend on Tibetan a lot. It started with brace Hall, and then I saw some girls doing it and I saw some of it on YouTube. Apparently on YouTube it's been around longer than I thought. It was, but I just kind of got big when people like, addicted, Amelia will howdy. They did it. So I decided to recreate it myself through lip. So I'm going to take my Kylie, matte liquid lip I, love, Kylie's stuff, I know, people say, she's, overhyped, but honestly she's got good stuff.

So it's going on back here. I'll do a little of an eye shadow moment, just so it's, not the brows being the only thing, so I'm going to take this I don't, remember where I got it, but it was from go beauty box. And you know, it was a good thing. I. Guess I'm going to use my L'Oral True, Match, cushion foundation, I'll use this for my highlight.

It is the highlight compact from flower. Beauty, I will use. However, this brow duo from cargo I got that at Kohl's. It was a perfect deal. I'm. Gonna use my primer from back primer from Ultra.

Forgot I had all this stuff actually I think this is a brow we might need to use too. Just in case. This is a color corrector for my concealer it's.

The Maybelline instant age, rewind, elf, makeup, setting, spray on me all right. So the first thing I'm going to do is keep dropping things first I'm going to take my primer, put it all over my face so that my makeup can stay on I, definitely look like I, do not get to sleep Wow. What I don't like about like I know that a primary is supposed to like keep.

Everything on, but this just kind of feels like weirdly greasy. If you guys have like better suggestions for a primer I'm, all ears I think I'm gonna start with the brows first because that's like literally the whole point of the video basically, so I'm going to take this brow duo and just line. The brows I think I need like an actual mirror like okay and just fill them in that's, kind of she took brush. They're going to be sisters, they're, certainly not identical sisters, though, okay.

So there are my brows. And then I think what I'm going to do which I recreated is use a little of this. A lot bad I.

Am at makeup I'll use a yellow corrector he's. My concealer Foundation's, go highlights a little on my nose and a little on my Cupid's bow, Oh I've got room. Here is the completed shop, my staff trying to do the little honey. Slit trend I was a little less orange.

This will probably be not too bad of a look. But yeah, anyway have a great day.

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