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Hello friends and welcome back to logo gecko. Go. I am seeing videos on YouTube from other people how they handle and weigh their new pets. And I have to say, I think they are handling it wrong in my opinion. And I can explain 95 of the pets you get the new pets, baby, pets are will be shipped in an enclosure, or you will even get it from a pet store in an enclosure. So, uh this pet, for example, a gargoyle gecko is small and will be stressed out really easily. So getting the enclosure and taking it out.

Of the enclosure to weigh it, and then bring it into the tank or in its bigger enclosure, as in my opinion, really stressful for the pet, I am not a reptile expert don't get me wrong. But uh, this is, at least what I think and my opinion. Maybe we share the same opinion after seeing my method. What I did with my first reptile, the gargoyle that I got was to put him with the enclosure that I got him on the way and weigh both the gecko and the enclosure. In my case it was 29 grams after that. I put the gecko. With the enclosure into the bigger.

One after the gecko was transferred to the bigger one. I had the empty enclosure with which the gecko came to me. And I weighed that one that's only 18 grams that means 29 grams. 18 grams.

Yes. My gecko was 11 grams when I got them, what I definitely want to know from you is what your opinion is on. This matter. Do you think it's?

A good idea to get the gecko out of his enclosure, get hit into something else to weigh him. And then put him in the tank or wave him with his. Enclosure get him safely to his tank and weigh the empty enclosure. Thank you very much for watching till the end. I would be really happy if you like and subscribe, because I think we will have more to talk in the future.

See you next time on go. Go gecko. Go.

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