How To Change All Forms For Cosmiore | Loomian Legacy Meteor Event Full Explanation | Anti Matterite

All right lumen legacy is a new event. The meteor shower event I'm going to do a quick rundown of how it works every hour. There's, a new meteor shower in different routes, a different color, um, if you want to uh change the form of the new roman Lucian, which is a costar you're going to go ahead and use the anti-matter meteorite, uh to transform it into two different forms. You use one antimatter rate, you know, you'll give it the arms form. If you want to use again, an antimatter, right? The black meteorite.

Which spawns like this on the floor is a random chance it spawns anywhere on the meteor, uh event area on that route. It doesn't matter what color it is any of them it's, just a very, very rare chance for it to spawn. You want to go ahead and use that meteorite onto the cosmic or to get it with the jelly, uh form.

So for example, here we're going to go into our backpack and use the anti-meteorite on our uh cosmos here. So it this one, the black one antimatter, right will remove its minerals from its body and. Then the white one will bring it back to the form before obviously, this is a quick short rundown, but just a quick, you know, just a quick full minute here, or something like that. I will just show you guys they're just the beginning, and then I'll do a full rundown of the event and how it works. And how everything is in the game. Go ahead and use it right now use.

And then it will say middle is removed from cosmos. Now it will have hands and another form after that. If you use another one, it will become a. Gooey boy, so I'll show you that right here. So here, when you use two anti-meteorites, you will get the full form here, which is the GUI boy.

And they have different reasons to do that, but let's go to full rundown of this event. You want to go ahead and click on the navigate button. And look at your weather.

This will tell you each route, which will have a meteor storm and its color matters slightly. So we head to route 4 here, which will be, uh, the uh, Kazakh village. You can see that it will have new. Music to it and, um, meteors falling from the sky. Now you can go ahead and pick these up if you want well, if you want to they consider it as like the event, currency for uh, this event here, and it will be an event shop in each area. So I'm going to do is walk over the meteor, and I'll give you one of them, uh, pretty much.

And if you want to talk to the event shop, click on this guy, right here, and this guy will always spawn in the event area at the time. So right now, we're on route 4 if you're on route 6 or. Route 3 it will spawn in that area. And what you can do with the currency here, depending on what you have, uh, you can buy disks, which are just capture disks for 10 meter rate.

Or if you have 30 of each cur, each color of the meteors, you can get the saddle, which is what we're using right here. It looks like of one of the forms here. Now in order to catch this guy, this, uh comfort, which is the event, Union used to go ahead and be in the area that has a meteor shower located. You know, in the uh weather.

Here and it's, a random chance, it's, pretty low it's, not it's, not it's, not it's, not considered an uh. A roman Lucian. People are saying it's a 1-128 chance.

I define them, so it's, not that bad, but still pretty rare. You do have an hour per area. So good luck with that.

I guess you could say, um and there's, four different colors. As you can tell there is green, uh, purple blue. And a red is the colors you can find the meteor's fallen, and you will only find the purple if it's purple meteor shower. You want to. Find green if it's in a green meter shower, so just change the areas as you can tell turning the daytime back to normal. So now we want to go ahead over to the next area, which is route 6, which is a rally ranch was probably the best area to farm stuff let's go there, holy lag.

Now here in valley ranch. And now bc, purple meteors come from the sky. And I can find purple meteors far from the sky now and that's. The only meteors about fall and color. But there are two other meteors like I've said, Earlier, you can find the anti meteorite, which I don't have inventory right now, or you can find a matter rate. So the two of these only matter because, um, this is how you change forms of the costar.

If I use this metarate on my canvas, cosmos, right now, which is on the third form. This will bring it back by one form, it'll be the second form. And the form differences. They're, pretty small, uh, maybe I don't know, but mostly their ability changes.

So for example, if you go to your pc box here, you can see. That we have the other types, we have the first form, which has the ability of encounter code. And then the third form I don't have, I don't know, example for this other one, but he has a surrogate as it's a third form and there's a different one for the second form.

Now, like I said, the event shop always spawns in the event area at the time. So since we're in route, 6 and meteors are flying in about six the event. Uh shop is right here. This is the same stuff all the time right now when we head over to the.

Second shop here, which is the black market. You can spend meteorites to buy things from him, which is Milo. Apparently, you need to be level, 30 adventurer, adventure level, which is a mastery level training. Mastery.

You need to be level 30 for the use to use this guy, apparently. So if you don't have that and unlucky, but yes, he sells these stuff boost tokens for white meteors. And then the rest are just colored meteors, pretty much. You can buy shards for your training.

You can buy 10 of each one or 10 of. Each I don't even know, and I put it out. Let me see, uh, you'll be going by 10 of the yeah, you're going by 10 in total out of all these. And only three boost tokens of the white meteors pretty much like I said, white meteors or black meteors are rare, but they can spawn anytime in the meteor shower area.

And you always find the color of the meteor, depending on the picture of the meteor shower in the weather app. Now, the other small thing about this event is that the these corsairs depending on the. Meteor shower color, they will spawn in that color. So for example, as you see, we have purple costar here, but of course, that's because we caught it in a purple. Meteor shower, uh event time.

But you can see here we have a green one we caught in the green meteor shower. And we have a blue one here that was caught in the blue meteor shower. You can see how it has blue right there and there's green, uh, green eyes, right there pretty much so you can get all four. If you want there are differences, not.

Really in stat wise for color, but uh differences as in, you know, maybe there is, I don't know, but other than that. The one thing people probably don't know about that much about it, but their colors do have a do mean something slightly. So these meteorites you pick up these purple ones. So you can trade in for, you know, stuff in the shop here for discs and stuff. But also depending on what color it is.

You can also feed it. Meteorites, uh that color, right? What that means is that it gets extra stats unique. Points, uh for it. So if we just put on all these guys here, all right, and then we go to our bag here, you can see that when you click on these meter rights, you can actually use them.

And since uh, we have a purple one here. We use this. And it is, it uses it up if I use it on this guy, it won't have any effect if I use it on this doesn't work, doesn't work. It has a green one. This is a blue one right?

So I use a blue one on this guy, right here. It's going to work it's gonna increase its unique speed point and. Then, yeah, the stats goes up, slowly, oh level up too. What oh that's that was wrong. Never mind that was, uh, rare candy, oops, don't know, how that changed there weird you go. It keeps going up it might I mean, I don't know, maybe blue is defense.

I don't really know, speed. I don't think so the other one it's green, it might be the same every time, unique speed attack points, energy, points, random stuff random studs at a certain point. It does max out so don't just spam it. But it does mix out eventually. So.

Good look at that, um, but that's pretty much the event. Uh, it's, just going to run around pick up meteors, get 30 of each color to get this to get the mount uh, get white and black me metarates. Black changes the form. White brings it back a form. Each form has different abilities, uh associated with it.

It might be stat changing as well based off the form. I think the first form is tank. And since there's, no shell around this guy, he does more damage, uh, because he removes, he probably gains more speed and more. Damage possibly, I think what it's melee and range form that's what it's difference between both of them, pretty sure, but yeah, hopefully this helps slightly explain the event the best I can hope that's enough information to pass around the event might be confusing the beginning, but it's, not that bad, honestly.

But hopefully I was able to, uh get everything explained at once there. So hopefully you enjoy that, and hopefully it can help ever so slightly with this video. Maybe, uh, I know, I don't know, but. There you go nice.

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