Gktech Z34 370z G37 V36 Steering Angle Kit - Install

Listen up people you asked for it, you got it. We proudly present. The GK tech, z34, 370z, g37, v36 steering, angle kit.

You heard that right, GK tech has gotten with the now for all you ballers out there running z34s, the infamous box shimmy of the shiny black box. And this is what said shimmy box contains starting with the dust boots. The hams are PTFE lined. So you don't need to run these, but you definitely can next up is the tie rod end stud washer and nut, which I'll gap more on about later. Next in the.

Kit, you get two long, AF tie rod, extenders as science has determined that's. What you need next. You get the steering bracket assembly, aka, the part that makes the magic happen. This time with Ackerman adjustment for your driving pleasure. The bearings are a common size and can be easily replaced. And you get a nice set of schematics to aid in the installation and torque speck age onto that elephant in the room I.e, the Ackerman adjustment.

I so casually mentioned earlier to adjust the Ackerman on these kits. Remove the bolt you will now see this insert if it is facing inwards, it means you'll have more Ackerman. More Ackerman means more lead wheel and less trailing wheel. If you want to change the Ackerman setting, take both inserts out flip them facing outwards. You now have less Ackerman.

Please make sure that both inserts are oriented the same direction before reinstalling. The bolt once you've made your choice mirror for the other side, and you're set for that part. Now to install this fresh set of. Amazing head down to the knuckle of choice and remove the split pin then remove the tie rod end not winding it all the way up, but not off to protect the threads for when you bring the hammer down gently, of course, once it drops remove the tie rod nut and the tie rod from the knuckle now move on to removing the strut nut and bolt get that loose and off.

Then remove the lock stop bracket bolts as shown right here and get the bracket out of the car. This is said, bracket, naked Nissan, installed factory. Fun stoppage, and we don't have time for that, slap the sucker in a vise, grab your safety gear and a grinder and cut along the welds on either side of said, fun, stopper.

Once both sides are ground off give it a happy tap clean up any pokey boys sticking out and give her your best 27 layer paint jobs, including flake and clear then look at that you're all grown up and ready for full lock antics with your boys head back to the car and slap the newly freed up bracket back on toss in the three bolts that. Hold it in place, zap them down then lift the strut up and pop the strut bolt through now install the nut and thread it all the way down bust out. Our number one favorite tool and torque, the bracket bolts down to these specs now move on to the strut nut and torque it down to these specs as well it's time to head down to the lower ball joint and remove the split pin zap, the ball joint not off. And just let that sucker dangle. Now, grab the bracket assembly line it up with the ball joint stud and. Thread the ball joint not back on leaving it loosening for now then head back up a few inches and install the tie rod end stud as well as the washer and nut and zap that on down now, head back down and zap on the ball joint nut itself.

Now, because the bracket is a bit thicker than not having it at all. You will need to clearance the nuts. What she said so line it up and mark, the nut where the hole on the stud is on both sides and take it over to our 17th, favorite tool, the vise and use a grinder to. Cut a small slit, then use a tap to clean the threads to make sure they're dialed. And this is what it will look like when it's all good to go thread it on zap, it down then torque to the specs shown right here on the screen. Now toss the split pin back in and spread them legs, baby head up to the tie rod inside of things and torque that sucker down to these specs as well, making sure not to forget torquing. This bolt to these specs next head to the inner tie rod support.

It then loosens the locking nut. Now, remove the tie rod end from the equation as we will be putting on this fresh gate extender, instead spin that sucker all the way down to get max thread companionship, then install the extender to the inner tie rod supporting the extender and slowly, but surely spinning the inner again to get max threads engaged whilst eyeballing. It straight support, the extension in the middle and tighten, both locking nuts on either side, all whilst being on the horn with your favorite alignment shop to get it. Actually dialed in now before they actually get it dialed make sure the bearing is running centrally and is not cocked up or down the last thing you want to check for is the droop clearance, make sure nothing is contacting as you don't want to have issues with bind. I promise, wow, you now have enough angle to toss in sick blackies with ease all whilst looking stylish AF in your ultra current drift car. This is us driving non-current drift cars and loving it.

Just the same in the immortal words of. Everyone on YouTube, please like share and sub if you can't install these, please have a professional do it and reach out to us with any questions. You may have here. This has been officer.

Dan, johnny, camps and shimmy. Boy, Zack with another GK tech. How-To peace.

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