Fritz Reagiert Auf SCAR-H Airsoft ACTION Im Verlassenen KRANKENHAUS | Fritz Meinecke

Well switched off, and I wanted to watch a first video together with you again. So by the way, a video of me is displayed here under and that's, how I found this I just seriously gave it a go I've prescribed to, and it came to me during Horst nickel, Tokyo, Paris, KHS of gameplay relaxed, eleven minutes, the thing and the location she looks pretty awesome we're going in now and have a look at the gameplay. She is that set or do you normally fall for not what I've definitely had a very blatant distance. Or that's even 100 meters right now, a heavy distance, hit everyone. He doesn't have my gun in his hand, the ten that first told him something in front of the press don't go.

She there is no intro. I won't be picked up at all. What is a travel agency that knows right now?

Complete intro? What it is now the Sony is all about's going on modern before with he's, certainly really speed in there is a bit of aggression, partying, I love. There are different that's, an oasis. But the twelve-year-old is.Also, there like they all have night vision goggles on the front are great as a real that the field background, big building ran this game. . I have to say I like that at north bridge awesome that comments, if you will pick me up, you know, what phases what's going on.

I also cut a few different game plays. And the question since ok, do you just want to show how it works or always talk about it in a way that moderates a bit and picks people up a bit and explains everything to them? So I think talking. About it is really cool if you can put yourself in it, a little more 47, 8 you children who probably have been walking through these colorful windows Discs there were now out here or was that the scene from metro title, or oh, that can the scene say, I, didn't understand didn't have a guard in hand.

Ok. Then the first ones were a minute, 11 p.m. like tiger or what. And how is it all again by peter genders Knopf, which is not surprising. He also has a face came here that is pointed at him that you can always. See they weren't even faded in Rusty shoulder to shoulder.

Look here. The shoulder rest is completely folded in because of course, he can play it a lot better in a way that's jubilee realistically. Speaking.

He wouldn't have been able to control that thing at all. Because if you're not in the shoulder press, just like that, you see how else what do you think now you can see a little of the low. He has something like that on me, but has any black ones. It never looks weird with that. O. Ha, that quite a. Lot the time on the left, oh ha, but what a can learn I'm just thinking about it in general because I also shoot videos, etc.

I, almost think that the just a head helmet camera would be enough. And you wouldn't need these buzzes because I don't know about you, but I definitely recognize the people here. And you can see that shot thing and I think I almost say, if you Call of Duty, for example, later, you have one with Raytheon to the finish at the distance.

You also have ultra zoom in crises, except. At the latest after or so that's, why I don't think I would use you at all. I would only make of the helmet camera, and maybe the helmet camera like 50 percent pure groups like when you're in a wedding or some in cod, because it's a bit closer, but not quite that.

Blatant, I think I'd find it better. If you've seen it like here, closed I thought, I would have to fight them like that. Now it comes again. A would also be interested had fun Phil or how later he attached it to his helmet. How is the GoPro. Attached because it is perfect, and I'm wondering if that's also a great view or on how just sort of is so far or super far, I think, that's super wide by the way, elephants, our scene, came, I'm, awesome, how you look through that shadow there they shot that in the middle I think if I shot another one just ahead, they just drive over to try it. Again, I think I'd just run the head km.

If it really compares to Call of Duty, you have yes, not such an ego perspective here, either, and also not such a side. Story, but from that perspective, you see yourself further and that's also I think it wasn't the same de n impact if it fits, but I don't think he knows how you see it. Yes, yes. Yes.

Yes. Switched off. A good thing was going on, but from a short distance, but the style is purely simple he's, not interested in that very few do well, but it's a fresh logo or looks great that you circle around. Here's that guy again with the money there just like that is a meter.

No, this camp is mega. This camp is just mega. Okay. So It's celebrated and shows I'm interested without knowing dude, they just play with people 1 10 meters from the dance, but that's only possible if everyone plays with full protection. Okay, okay.

Okay. Now we'll, see here a few pics of him, ok, it often Alfonso. So the video from the iPhone.

So we stopped by we weren't interested. The channel might be interested in one or the other video we're in because I don't know what else there is so much beautiful game plays are at the start.

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