Face Exercises To Lose Face Fat For Women | Facial Yoga Asanas For Your Face | Reduce Fat From Face

Starting out in Swan pose also known as baby bird, I've heard the lips forward, and then gently tilt the head backwards extending the bottom jaw as far forward as you can feeling a nice stretch along the neck and resting. The head back down look at their lips forward, and then extending the jaw forward towards the ceiling, feeling, a pleasant stretch along the neck and then releasing back down next we're going to kiss the air, so click for the lips forward and kiss. The air a couple of times until your lips.

Become tired, puckering the lips forward and releasing doing this a couple more times next we're going to bring resistance into our head face using our fingers we're going to interlace our hands together, bringing them under our chin and raise the elbows towards the ceiling as we draw our jaw, bringing the lips underneath the teeth and releasing and one more time, letting the elbows rise towards the ceiling, bringing those lips underneath the teeth. And dropping the jaw next we're going to do wake up. So extending the eyes open as far as you can without moving any other facial muscles and relaxing and doing this a couple more times, keeping our eyes from sagging next we're, going to do puffer fish exercises, so making a fish face sucking, the cheeks in and pressing the lips forward. And then doing this a couple of times until the face becomes tired and then blowing an air into the cheeks, letting the cheeks expand and then swishing the air back and forth one sheet on the other side, hold that for a few.

Seconds bring it in to your upper lip, and then your bottom lip and then swish around in your mouth, a little more pushing that air back and forth until your cheeks become tired. Imagine that you're moving mouthwash back and forth, and then making a fish face a couple more times sucking, the cheeks in and then blowing them back out with air and then releasing completely resting the face and taking a couple breaths here, just completely relaxing all facial muscles. Finishing of this sequence, hi I'm. Sure you enjoyed watching this video, please click on the subscribe button to subscribe to our channel.

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