Hey, what's going on everybody. This is Ricky j. Man. Welcome to another ea. Sports, UFC, 4 fight camp video, and I'm excited. Man, because in this episode we're going to learn on how to survive the new ground and pound system that they implemented in this game.

And I know a lot of people out there are saying that this new system is a little too op. As your young cats would say, but I'm going to show you guys if you can implement some of these skills that I'm showing you in this video you're going to be fine. When those bozos try to take you down and try to finish you by posturing up and throwing strikes, alright, so we got the Diaz brothers here, we're hanging out the UFC gym. I have two controllers on my lap. This is unedited.

And I love these videos, just because I can kick back, relax and show you guys, some cool, new tricks. Now, let's wake up Nate with a quick stop and slap and get started in this video all joking. Aside. I want you to take on the role of Nate Diaz.

Okay. Now, if you can key in on the top of. Your screen real quick, you can see that grappling advantage meter.

And I know, some of you tough guys out there are going to say when you play online ranked that grappling meter doesn't exist. But for just teaching purposes, I want you guys to understand the game and understand the grappling advantage system all right. So what I'm saying is when your opponent postures up, they don't have a lot of time to react till that grappling advantage meter gets to that neutral position.

Once it gets to that. Neutral position, you're going to be able to control their posture by clicking r. Two. Okay. If you click that bad boy, r2 for PS4, or for you Xbox boys out there. I believe it's rt for this video I'm, just gonna keep on saying, r2, you're going to be able to control their posture. Okay. So see that right there I'm able to control their posture.

Now, when your opponent gets up like this and starts throwing strikes if I'm continuing to block, you could block a bunch of strikes and then tap r2 and then control. Their posture, but your block meter is going to get taxed pretty badly. So what I recommend is if your block meter is pretty good, you could hold block, and you know absorb some of those strikes by blocking.

But look at this you're taking a big toll on your block, and most guys are going to be able to break it. So what you're going to do is this now there's, two ways your opponent can strike they could throw straight strikes like that, or they could throw hooks now to avoid those straight strikes like. That you're going to flip your flick, excuse me, your right analog.

Okay, it doesn't matter which way you go brother, but you got to be able to time it. So once your opponent, you know, loads up on a shot, you're going to flick your right analog. Either left or right, see that just going to flick it and those are for straight shots. And if they have a low stamina, you may get into a dominant position like Nate did right there? Or you may be able to even get out of it entirely.

Okay. So that's for straight strikes. Now, let's go back here and try to get back to that dominant position.

So nate's gonna Nate's going to get up let's get up, Nate brother, come on let's, get up and get back to that position here. So Nick's going to take him down, okay. And then we're going to get right into full guard and posture up again, real quick when they load up, I look at my opponent's shoulders. And once it's, loaded that's when I flick the right analog. Now, most guys online are going to try to mix it up.

But most people I've noticed they. Throw hooks okay, the old hookah Rooney's, right there. And what you're going to do is you're gonna post, and I'm not talking about basketball brother, I'm talking about putting the old stiff arm right there. And to do that for me on my PS4, I'm, holding l1 and right analog to the left or to the right, depending on which way or which side my opponent is punching.

So in this situation, if Nick's going to throw with his left hand, look at that, he is not going to hurt me with shots, and it's actually taxing the. Stamina look in the top left, his stamina is totally drained by me being able to put that stiff arm out there and avoid his shots see that. So please make sure that you understand that that your opponent is going to be able to throw either straight shots or hooks, no elbows exist in this game.

Yet so you're they're, not going to be throwing elbows. You don't have to worry about elbows. So make sure you understand what they're trying to do now let's go into half guard. Okay. And the same thing applies and. Another thing too is once you block a shot, keep on tapping r2 man, because if you gain that neutral grappling advantage you're going to be able to control their posture.

So in this situation, let's throw a straight hold on let's, uh, throw a straight here. So here hold on there we go. He throws a straight. And again, if his st stamina is taxed. Wow, there look at that I'm able to get up if I time it right.

And my opponent's stamina is taxed all right. And I want to just tell you word of warning. It is hard doing. This with, um with one controller or sorry with two controllers and one person, but um, let's go with the hooks and half guard.

Okay, let's go with the hooks. So we back away Nick's going for a takedown. And now we're going to go to half guard posture up now. Same thing applies with the hooks. So if I'm here, and he's hold on, let me throw a hook here, see that he's not able to land, nothing, huh, you're going to be rolling to the clubs after because you're not going to take any damage at all. So the same thing. Applies from full guard position, posturing up and half guard position posturing up.

But now you're, probably like, yo, what's going to happen. Now when guys mount me, and they're posturing up, and I'm in big trouble, because they're going to throw strikes. So again, if it's a straight strike, bam, flip out of the way, and then I could push r2 to avoid them from throwing more bombs on me. Okay.

Now if they're throwing hooks, you still have that opportunity. Man, you still have that opportunity to either roll if you want. To or to put that stiff arm out there and um block those hooks, okay, so your opponent will most likely posture up and try to throw strikes and finish the fight if they throw those straight strikes, the same thing man, they're going to load up, boom, I'm going to flick that stick, especially right when they're loading up, boom, right when they're loading up right when they're loading up done. And then I could tap r2 to control their posture. Now, most guys will mix it up. So wait let's, see, right here, we're going.

To get back into that position. Nick goes for the takedown you're going to climb to half guard then go to mount. And then again, most guys will throw those hooks and that's. When you create that stiff arm, okay, they're going to throw that hook like that. And once you block one keep on tapping r2, okay, always understand that when you're in this position once you block once you're, tapping r2 baby, and you are going to control your opponent's, posture, all right. Let's. Do one more position before we end off this.

Video all right, I know a lot of you tough guys out there are probably like. Well, rick what do you do when guys get you in that neon belly position? You know that new position that they added in the game? Well, let me tell you it's almost the same thing. However, when it gets to that new position, if you can get it to that position, you're going to be able to get backside, if you, um react quickly. So look at this, if it gets that neutral position, you see in the top right I'm able to flip to backside. If I.

Want to, or you can get back into side control. But when it comes to the strikes, oh my gosh. Let me show you this. Let me try to get back into side control here. When it comes to the strikes, you got to be so careful. So your opponent's going to be throwing either straights or hooks.

Okay. And the thing is if it's a straight, I could easily dodge it right there. And if your opponent has low stamina you're going to be able to transition into a less dominant position, maybe you'll be able to kind of snake. Your way out of it.

So you could do that. But most in most cases, I'll be honest with you. Most guys are going to be going for the hooks all right. And those hooks are so hard to read. But I always just bank that my opponent's going to be throwing hooks on me, and you could post your arm right there and avoid those shots. Now, the good thing is, they can't, throw shots with their left hand. It's only going to be from that side.

So you're going to be able to block those hooks. The only downside is if they start. Throwing regular punches they're going to be able to get through. But the good news is if you keep on tapping r2 and block, maybe one of those strikes you'll be able to get out of that neon belly position, all right. So anyway, guys.

Man, hopefully this video helped you understand that, you know, this new ground and pound system. I have to admit it is hard at first. But if you understand these controls it's, nothing to me, I'm playing online and most people just gas themselves out, because I just constantly. Block their shots, and then you know gain a good advantage when it comes to grappling advantage. And then I get out of it. Alright, so anyway, guys, let me know your thoughts on this video. Let me know if it helped you, and I'll catch you in the next one.

I know, some of you hardcore guys are like what the heck you had nick and Nate in this video. And you didn't do a impersonation on both of them. So on the way out brother, I'm going to give you an impersonation I'm going to interview both guys, yo, nick, What are your thoughts on this video? Yo, what's up.

Man. This is nick Diaz. You know what I'm saying, I think Ricky's crazy, you know, I mean, but without him, you know, I wouldn't be as good in the game. And I think it's kind of bogus before I forget, you know, I think it's bogus that ea sports kind of destroyed my stats. You know, I'm saying, like I was the most used welterweight in UFC 3. And now for some reason, you know, cm, punk's stats are just a little worse than mine.

I don't understand. But it is what. It is I'm out Ricky peace. And what would Nate say, what would Nate say to end off this video?

You know, I just want to say this that Ricky j sports, you know, I mean, when I first met him, I'll, be honest with you, rick sorry, I'm going to put you under the bus. I thought he was a little annoying. You know what I'm saying, but as I got to know him, it's kind of like a fine wine, you know, you kind of don't mind them after a while, you know what I'm saying, but anyway, my brother's, the greatest welterweight of all. Time man, I think it's an uh, I don't know, I don't know any big words, but I really think it's a devastation if that's the right word that he got taxed those stats in this game, you know what I'm saying, but anyway, it is what it is I'm out of here. Anyway, people, sorry for dragging on the video have a great day. This is Ricky j.

Man, keep it locked here for more skills and tips when it comes to ea sports, UFC, 4. Alright, brother, take care all the best I'm out of here. You.

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