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I just got back from driving this 2018 Ford f-150 equipped with the new 3 liter power, stroke turbo, diesel v6 from Denver to Los Angeles. And now we're at the test track, and we're accompanied by our 2018 Ford, f150, 2.7 Boost. We've had this truck about six months, and it's got 10,000 miles on it. We've been keeping scrupulous fuel economy. Data, it's rated at 21 miles per gallon combined and 24 on the highway.

Our average is 17 miles per gallon. And our best tank isn't even up to the combined number. It's, 20 point 6, so we're really falling short here. Well, the diesel is slightly better on the window sticker it's, 22 miles per gallon combined, 25 miles per gallon on the highway. On my trip from Denver I got 22 and a half miles per gallon. So it's overachieved relative to the commandment.

Number it's, a pretty good result, right? But you know, Boost fuel economy is something we've had trouble with in the past and so of others. So it's, nice to see that the diesel may be doing that a little better. The only downsides, the diesel cost $4,000 more than the 2.7 Boost, and it's, not available in a low trim levels, the way the Boost is right. I can get the 2.7 liter Boost all the way down to the XL.

And the very popular XLT. This lariat is the lowest level. You can get the Ford Power stroke diesel in $52,000, kind of like the cheapest crew cab, 4x4 diesel. You can get the Boost has 325 horsepower.

And at the track, we just tested these trucks in the turbo diesel with it's. 250 horsepower is about. Two seconds slower 260 and almost nine miles per hour slower in the quarter-mile. And that has a big impact on towing performance. I mean, these are not drag racing machines.

But certainly these numbers that we've generated here do give us a window on what it might be like climbing a grade. And you know, this truck might struggle a little, even though it's got a higher tow rate that's true. But turbo diesel is a little more than ten thousand pounds.

Max towing capacity, whereas the two points of. Ecoboost is about eight thousand pounds. So there's a big difference in power and tow rating. But the big unknown that we haven't even scratched the surface of yet is towing fuel economy, that's going to be where the turbo diesel should shine, but we'll have to test that.

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