Could This Be The Legendary "Magic Bridge" Connecting India And Sri Lanka?

A NASA satellite passes over the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean. It sends back images of a chain of largely submerged objects running between Sri Lanka and India. It looks like a string of pearls between two islands.

Furthermore, it looks to me like a rocky jetty. But this thing looks pretty big on closer analysis of the satellite image investigators calculate the line of rocks is over 30 miles long. What makes the image especially intriguing is that the rocks are in an area of C mentioned in an ancient Hindu. Poem a poem, which also refers to a magic bridge, their Hindu legends that the god Rama placed a bridge here, connecting India to Sri Lanka, the stones in the satellite image are sitting on something, oh, she not refers call a shoal or sandbar these occur in an area where there's shallow waters and sand could accumulate between the two land masses. The sandbar may be natural, but what's sitting on top of it is not this isn't, just a simple sandbar, there are objects in here that haven't been eroded away. There are stones that have been brought from afar and set on top of our sandbar island chain.

How these stones got here is a mystery. And what a team of geologists date, the stones, the mystery deepens, the rocks on top of the sand actually predate the sand. So there's more to the story scientific analysis reveals the rocks are seven thousand years old, but are sitting on top of sand. That is only four thousand years old. These results suggest the structure in the satellite image, isn't natural, but built.

By humans, some scholars believe the ancient texts referred to a time 5,000 years ago at this point in history buildings, such a long bridge would have been a superhuman achievement.

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