Contrarian DraftKings NBA DFS GPP Picks 3/4/22

What's up everyone welcome to the march. 4Th, edition of DraftKings tournament plays presented by prize, picks I'm your host. Adam sharer. You can follow me on Twitter at ship my money DFS. And as a reminder, you get one free month of awesome, plus platinum.

When you sign up and make a deposit at prize picks be sure to use the code awesome to receive your 100. First deposit, bonus up to 100 tonight we're going to take a look at five of the top tournament options on DraftKings. We have a nine game slate. We.

Do have a lot of injury news pending right now. This is the first day in a few. I think the first day of this week, really that we've had a lot of injury news that we're still waiting on. So as be always sure to tune in to the deeper dive and live before lock in the two hours preceding tip on the Oslo, YouTube channel, uh, going to be pretty important to watch that tonight get more up-to-date information on injury.

News, updated ownership, projections, uh player projections. And all of that as we get closer to. Lock, but for now we're going to take a look at five of the top tournament options on DraftKings as things currently stand coming in at number five, buddy, healed 7, 400 has shooting guard and small forward eligibility, he's projected for about five percent ownership with an eight percent chance of being in the optimal lineup healed has a favorable match up against the Detroit Pistons.

Indiana has a healthy 115 implied, total here, and he'll just been playing huge minutes for Indiana since the trade. From the Sacramento Kings that hasn't changed with Malcolm Brandon returning to the lineup, and he holds production shouldn't take much of a hit with Brandon in there, either because it's, not like healed really relies on being a high usage guy, he's kind of around 21 22 with or without Brandon, and he's playing a lot of minutes one way or the other. So he still has a high ceiling. His price tag is pretty fair now, um, given you know, he's averaged about .89 DraftKings points per minute since joining. Indiana and he's likely to give you 37 or 38 minutes, but if he gets hot from three, he can still light up this price tag at pretty low ownership. Number four, Alec, burkes.

Fifty-three hundred dollar point guard shooting guard eligibility, six percent projected ownership. Eight percent chance of being in the optimal lineup berks has a difficult matchup tonight against the Phoenix Suns, brooks also isn't, a great fantasy producer, he's averaged, .87 DraftKings points per minute without either one of Emma. Walker or derrick rose on the floor, this year, he's averaged around 0.8, DraftKings points per minute in his starts without Emma, um, but he's also likely to play 34 or 35 minutes at 5. 300 Burks is the type of player that I absolutely hate putting into lineups when he's popular, because typically he just doesn't do a lot when he's on the floor, he's, not a high use he's, not a high usage guy. He doesn't do a lot in the way of peripherals. But at the same time you're talking about a 5300. Option at low ownership, that's likely to be on the floor for 34 to 36 minutes, he's still going to have his share of good games.

And so I do like trying to get to those guys on slates where they are lower owned. Number three, number three, trees, Halliburton, 8, 700, um going back to that favorable spot against the Detroit Pistons. I think that Halliburton is overpriced here at 8, 700, but there's plenty of value on this slate and most likely going to be more opening up or like at least possibly more opening up. Between now and lock, so I don't think it's going to be too much of an issue to have an overpay or two in your lineups, uh in a situation where you can pay up to be contrarian that's, how I view Halliburton here only projected for six percent ownership, nine percent chance of being in the optimal lineup Halliburton has averaged 1.16 draft, kings points per minute since joining Indiana, 1.13 DraftKings points per minute in the games that Malcolm Brandon has been active. He still has nearly a 32 assist. Percentage in those games about an 18 usage rate and he's still likely to give you around 36 minutes, Halliburton is just a very good player that even though he's a little overpriced for Brandon to be back.

He still has a massive ceiling at low ownership on a slate where you can kind of do whatever you want as far as salary goes in your lineups. Number two, Mike bridges, 6, 200 is taking on the New York knicks. He has shooting guard and small forward eligibility, which we know is really useful he's. Projected for about seven percent ownership with a ten percent chance of being in the optimal lineup bridges is very similar. The way ivy bridges is very similar to the way that I described Alec Burks a minute ago in that he's, not a very good point per minute, fantasy producer. He doesn't really benefit, even with Devin booker and Chris Paul out going back to the start of last season bridges has averaged 0.76 DraftKings points per minute overall in the minutes, he's played without either of booker or.

Paul on the floor, bridges has averaged, 0.78, DraftKings points per minute. So he's, not someone that you're pointing to and saying, oh, I think this guy's going to take on a lot more usage, or I think this guy's going to run the offense and have a bigger role as a playmaker that's, not the case with bridges, but everyone's aware of that and that's, why you see ownership flocking to guys like Cameron Payne and Landry sham it and Deandre Anton and not so much to Miquel bridges at the same time, he's still. Going to play huge minutes here and anytime someone's on the floor for 38 to 40 minutes, they're certainly capable of having big games. And when you take out Chris, Paul and Devin booker, even though on average bridges isn't going to see a huge bump. It does make it a little easier for him to have a ceiling game where he is more involved offensively on one given night. So at low ownership, even though I don't think on average, he gets a big bump from those guys being out. I do like taking some.

Shots here and hoping that, you know, maybe he does happen to step up tonight at low ownership against the knicks. Number one, is smith, four thousand dollar point guard projected for seven percent ownership with an 11 chance of being in the optimal. Lineup smith has been more productive with the wizards since coming over from Charlotte. That is something that I expect to continue. Because when he was playing in Charlotte, they just had more, you know, high usage guys more guys that can handle the ball.

Regardless of you know if he was coming off the bench or who he was on the floor with in Washington that's, not really the case, and he's averaged, 1.04 DraftKings points per minute in 155 minutes since joining the wizards, he has a 20.9 percent usage rate and a very healthy 34.9 assist percentage, which is actually the highest on the team this year. The only issue with smith is, you know how many minutes is, he going to play he's playing behind Howell NATO off the bench. So typically you're looking. At 21, 22 minutes, which isn't really going to get it done all that frequently even at 4k, especially on a slate like this, where you do have plenty of value where the real interest in smith lies, though is that if he's playing well, he can pick up more minutes last game. You saw him split 24-24 with net to.

But we've also had an instance or two where Nero ends up only playing around 21 or 22 minutes and smith is the one that gets 27 or 28. In cases, like that you're getting someone at low ownership that. Is likely to be a very, very good value option.

So to recap the top five tournament options on DraftKings as things currently stand number, five, buddy, healed number four, Alec, Burks. Number three, trees, Halliburton. Number two, Mikhail bridges. And number one is smith.

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