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This is one of my family's favorites, it's a noodle dish, packed full of warming, Thai flavors, perfect for keeping you going on an action-packed day out to me. This is like the oatmeal, but the Bangladeshi version, and it's. My favorite it's, not just about the kids it's about me too. This is the fun bit crunch up, vermicelli, noodles and post them. You know that smell of baking a cake I, don't know what it is about when you toast these noodles, it smells like I'm baking a cake in the house that's, probably. What drugged them out of bed you got to be careful, you can't leave this. You can't just kind of walk away because it goes from being light brown to dark brown.

So quickly I'm gonna just turn that down because I don't want it to go anymore, I want to just keep that heat on, but it will turn so fast when the noodles are ready. Add a bay leaf cinnamon stick and a cardamom pod. This gives it a chai. Flavor. I can already smell. Those spices.

They've got a bit more work to do though my mum's version of this. Dish has lots of butter and whole milk, but I want to do something lighter I, love sums version and I, make it all the time. But in this version is like really coconut heavy, really making something like this I'm kind of sitting the kids up we're ready for a really long day. But all it does is make want to stay home and eat some more when all the coconut oil has melted add caster, sugar, I'm going to admit that I, really like it, sweet, I, like it really sweet. So got the coconut creamy, and I'm going to let that.

Come to the boil and then turn it down and let it just cook slowly till those noodles are totally soft. And just for some extra coconut goodness I've got some coconut flakes. And these are really nice just as they are, but they taste even better when you toast them it's worth the extra step breakfast is nearly ready.

I. Am solely responsible for burning the most coconut chips in the world. Now everybody has a preference as to how thick they like their oatmeal, or how thin they're like their oatmeal. This is again, the exact same thing if you like it really, really thick, cook it down let it take its time, get it really pleasant and thick. But if you like it really thin, then, you know, add a little more coconut cream. Loosen it up it's up to you. This is like your oatmeal, but with noodles, instead that it's done that's, how I like it that is my childhood all in one mouthful, creamy, toasty vermicelli and Thai spices with my little addition of toasted coconuts, chai spiced, vermicelli warming, Wholesome with a spicy, kick the perfect breakfast to set you up for a long day out.

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