Alphabets Coloring And Drawing, Learn Alphabets Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz With ABC Song

I, yes, age Jim him and then just j I'll. See you then, hi, yes, no, hey, hi. Yes. For my idea I, cut two, yes, hi Orwell e.g. since trainer and show and yes, JT and you if I'll.

See you then, hi on Dan. It I DE , hey, a take break moment. Hi, yes.

No I cut two, but three payment, hi we here. And since trainer did not eat the yes, hey, hey, hey, people I see you then the hi count, and then I offer we train. Hi, yes around me. Well, see a cut two you wear?

Hi, yes. He is here. Our instrument. Hour, I the JT, yes, but then really. Okay.

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