I've, never do that time to fill right results that I'm on the Internet in a bath and our clothing. Welcome. Welcome. Everybody to that episode - I have some Hank here, how's it going it's going well. And if you're asking me how I'm doing, how are you doing I'm also doing well, anchor, plunk it or service like kind of set is Punk away right?

I'm, gay I was drying out. People call me so stinky, it's, pretty rich it's, not so stinky, it's, not funny. So somehow, what do you do? What do I do Internet I do? Internet, yeah, I play video games, mostly okay on internet. This is really going to do the rest.

Well that was not sad as my cousin went down my shirt - what are we doing here? Why are we still here? I did a question. Okay?

So if you see the movie, okay, first. This is a really important question. Nobody with a blank check. Yes. Thank you first off.

Do you remember? So your ember, the love interest, right? Like he kind of had this I know, there's a girl that works at the bank, and she's got to be cast at like.

Mid-30S and his kids like nine he's got the hots for this like mid-30s girl, and obviously she's not really that into him because he's 9 because, he's, 9 years old, um. But if he was 10 whew, they had this weird, love interesting. And at the end he's dropping her off like dropping this blowing off. So they do this awkward like are you gonna I do vaguely? Remember this now that you're saying it they kissed I don't, remember that?

Yeah, they . Kissed like there was no tongue involved. But there was like an. Extended lip touching no time, but awesome, very a very long, uncomfortably long, clearly, a gravedigger gold, digger, Wow, that's. The one right if it's odd, yes, I also would like to submit a Photoshop request.

So as you see, this candle, send the Yankee Candle right, right? I would like to do a Photoshop request here to do my neck purge, highlights machine set to e. Candle, II know, thinking, again, it's time for so Shan, Shan, Lucy or pain train underscore SSD. So I asked if you could ask Sony key one. Question, what would it be?

Okay? And he wants to know, dicks are dicks or dicks. Alright, no. It's.

Pressing issue. I'm going to say, dicks. Alright, now, here's, why, and I'm picking the first one?

Alright, when I was a kid, and you notice the first one's capital, second, one's, not capital, S. Well, that is proper noun, Dick, Tracy. Zero. We can all believe it specifically, dick, I, can't beat that noise you just do it, and I'll slide. There.

We go want me to tell you why you like, okay, hurt your brain. Okay, sort of. The what runs the show it's called the ascending reticular activating system for the res, the ascending reticular activating system? Okay. Now, what is why aren't we still? What is thought is that someone with a more active ascending reticular activating system or a rat will just call the browser, not a single goddamn because guys Frank cool. Oh, hey, what's up he's coming back slow.

Yeah, spices, no, special. Guests. Gonzo.

Come here. Yep, yep. Anyway, with a very active, a res tend to be more introverted. Because they require less stimulus. So what is that tie into EDM?

You know, I've, like you young people they're like, you know, they need that more outside stimulus like big, you know, lights and very loud sound. Okay. What if I'm just like listening to it is very casually like I, don't have like to listen. A union can I guess sir, please like chill stuff.

What if I listen to like to meet my arm up here. Now, playback bottom scenario ever you pile. It is high enough. We can send you get without getting less easily. Oh, no. That feels really gross. Yeah, when you can do that just right?

What was the elegant saying you said, and I want this in like the apartment is like a museum for your life. No water, popper Oh got myself. We can switch back if you want this, and I hear worry about using its, just for continuity, if people like it, a little confused, right?

But it's, okay, and we could just take your face and put it on mine. We do is very similar. Can we just put in the space on my face? Thank you I'm. So kinky is that what I. Do actually do you do that though, yeah, like what do I like doing that. I am Sonia.

It seems like a typical thing that like I would say normally, I'm, Sonia, oh man, I'm. So stinky, you're like. And you say something like EDM is super cool, and I'm going to the show tonight. Yep, yeah, the show this is gonna look better. People have each other's face right? I was looking in your direction. I mean, things do you want to bring up or anything you ask or talk about, or you know, I, don't like hashtag blessed.

Focus on Instagram, do you not feel blessed or do not feel that they don't feel blessed, so they're lying, they probably feel blessed, but I believe that it takes all the sincerity out of a post when you hashtag blessed. So if you were to propose an alternate hashtag blessed for people to use, what would you recommend hashtag, English class, hashtag, English class, this rubber duckies, a basketball. Our fun fact of the day Emanuel I, talk to Pam before I came here. She told me that you. Guys did dad jokes and I looked up a couple of them. Oh, , yeah, Wow. You actually had something prepared I've had nothing prepared.

Okay. So good have you heard about the warrant out for the psychic, killer, it reads small medium and large, probably trying to drown myself. So panda bear walks into a bar. Okay? He orders food at the bar.

He eats the food. Okay, after you eat the food. He pulls out a gun. He kills the bartender little extreme.

And they jet out of there. Okay, okay, Wow and then there's. Another guy in the bar he's like why'd he do that. So he pulls out an encyclopedia, and he looks up panda bear. And it says, panda eats shoots and leaves shoots and leaves like bamboo, were those things that a panda bear might eat shoots and leaves. Thank you for joining for another episode of this.

And if you want to check out Matt it's, so kinky, they're, two different people. So just be careful, but where can we find you at so Nikki on the things? How many things Instagram Twitter YouTube. Those are like the main ones, Lauren Chest, no I want to give me more RedTube. Well. Thank you for joining me.

Thank you for having me in your bathtub. Okay, anytime listen. So I want to UM.

Do you want to just give the kids a good message to go home with anything that you've learned? Perhaps they're, just like a word of wisdom to send them off don't be afraid to ask if it feels good or not, yeah, yeah.

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